Scripps Recruitment and Interview Process

Scripps Recruitment and Interview Process




May 5, 2018

Scripps Recruitment and Interview Process

Scripps has a quality recruitment and interview process. Its human resource concepts are based on a good reputation and high standards, and the value of the contribution made by nurses to product care attracts candidates who are highly qualified and talented. Scripps makes use of a centralized function in its hiring process which is done on the basis of respect, quality, attitude, and efficiency. This organization has a system that enables it to get a projection on the number of employees it needs to hire. Scripps system is very detailed and effective as through the system, the organization can keep track of ages and retiring dates of employees to ensure that it always has the right quantity and quality of nurses needed. Another unique aspect for Scripps is that they involve their workforce when hiring which is not common in most businesses.

From the Scripps’ video, this organization has embraced a magnet designation standard that was developed over two and a half decades ago. This standard was first implemented by the American Academy of Nursing as it faced nursing shortage then. Following this, research was conducted which proved the existence of hospitals with an excellent reputation of both recruiting and retaining qualified professional nurses. In all these hospitals, there were common traits; professional development and promoting education, engaging staff in decision making, embracing employee opinions, and providing a safe working environment.

Scripps’ recruitment method is a multiple-hurdle approach and is taken to be job specific especially when applicants are to go through a predetermined list of selection standards. Before applicants are moved to the next step of the hiring process, each of the selection standards is to be cleared. For all the employers with the wish to easily manage the selection process especially when there are massive applicants, the multiple-hurdle approach is the best bet.


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