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Security Authentication Process

Security is one very important aspect when it comes to data handling in any manner considered. Personal data should always be stored personal and in an event of any infringement, the system admin is always liable for any damage caused. It is therefore very important to keep data safe and high security level be implemented as asserted by (Speed & Ellis, 2003). For this reason, security authentication process comes in. All data that are to be accessed by individuals normally have passwords to protect people from viewing or even stealing other people’s information or data. Apart from this , data authentication comes into place to ensure that the system is very secure and even people get other persons log in details, they will still be required to provide more information to proof that they are actually the exact people. Systems nowadays use the specific identifying information that people provided like their date of birth identify them specifically. So then, security identification process is proofing after password and everything involved that you are actually the one.

Designing and development of new information require that the concepts that were already in place be put into further security test and all the flaws be maligned out. For this case, security authentication process comes into place when designing new security systems. Designing and development of new security systems will require that final authentication process be put into consideration from the start when designing a security system. For a case where date of birth will be required, ensure that when creating an account, the system asks for the date of birth for full registration. Users should also be reminded from the start that their date of birth will be used for authentication and therefore must always provide the correct and accurate information. When designing such systems, users should always be kept restricted to what they can do within the system when they have not provided the authentication details. From this example of date of birth authentication system, it is evident that when designing a new security system, various considerations have to be put in place. These considerations should be consistent and always in line with what is required. Other security system like passwords and use of capture also change how systems are designed in the modern days. Systems try to be fool proof to try and be secure and protect data. It is upon the new systems designers and those who implement it to ensure that they put everything into its correct place to enhance security. This is well explained and demonstrated by (MacKinnon, 2012).

Designing new systems also require that the designer implements some preventative measures for securing data. There are several measures that can be put in place to secure data. One of them is implementing disk redundancy (Meyers, 2012). This system is mostly implemented in the server side where it needs to be put in place. It involves the configuration of redundant arrays of independent that offer improved security of data. The RAID level too be used always depend upon the database application to be used as will be advised by the person doing the installation and putting everything in place. Depending on RAID alone cannot improve data security. Another method is archiving the information. Archiving information like storing data on tape media is an example. This improves the reliability of data and information. Another means is predictive failure analysis. This provides a means in which the system can detect and action taken immediately. Servers are supposed to be running and operating all the time. When there is an error, it should be rectified immediately without interrupting the system since most server devices are hot swappable. Another means is educating all the employees to adopt a sound security plan can help in securing the company’s data(MacKinnon, 2012) .Proper security steps should also be taken into place when users are accessing some files and folders on the server remotely.

There are several roles that these measures will play. Their main role is the security of information and the authentication process. As it is, educating the employees of a company will make them aware of whatever everything is doing so that they can protect the system in an event an intruder comes in. Using predictive identification method will also save the administrator a lot when an error occurs in the system. This enables them to address it appropriately and solve the issue at hand without spending more time. Implementing disk redundancy and also archiving information also play a critical role as earlier explained. All these are the measures that will ensure that the system is very secure and only authorized persons get the information that thy will need to and intended to.

There are also several systems and devices that provide the required security in an organization’s server side. These systems and devices are designed each with their own security levels. They provide various layers to ensure proper security of data. Some of them include authentication systems which include the use of private identifying information to log in, network intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) which are most common so that people who are not authorized can be known and action taken appropriately, firewalls which is an operating system software that protects the user from unauthorized access, virtual private network devices (VPNs), wireless security devices like routers that also offer their own security, host-based intrusion detection systems (HIDS), and anti-malware systems (Speed & Ellis, 2003).

In conclusion, security and authentication system is one very important aspect when it comes to data handling. Security should always be the top most priority when designing each and every information system. For this reason, various systems should and must always be put in place to ensure data is never compromised now and in the future (MacKinnon, 2012). There have been various mistakes in the past that had led to data getting into the wrong. It is very important to put that into consideration when designing new systems. The advent of hackers also one thing that should always be considered when developing new systems. They have grown to be very harmful in the recent past. Data should never get to their hands.


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