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It is important to have self-reflection as it helps one to identify the achievement gained in class and what has not been achieved. This provides an insight of what to do next in order to grab or gain what has not been gained before. From the previous class I have had, I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills which will enable me do the best in my work. Through the socialization and interaction with my peers I have gained a lot of courage through sharing of ideas. The interaction has helped with excellent skills of answering questions. In addition, I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses through the interactions (Jonassen, 2007).

Critical thinking is a very important skill which I have gained from the class. The class has really helped me to reason and to be able to dig deep in order to get the ideas through the interaction with other learners. I have gained curiosity to know more of my potentiality through critical thinking. On the other hand, I have built confident through sharing ideas and challenging ideas from other learners. I am able to create an honest look of myself and encourage other individual to take part in class. The class really motivated me to do the best out of the gained knowledge and skills. Critical thinking is a very important skill as it help one to use and solve problem not only todays problem but also future generation (Ennis, 2003).

In conclusion, the knowledge and skills gained in class are very effective to me as they help me use the strategies available to solve problems. Critical thinking also helps in providing new ways or methods of doing things. For instance, by the use of critical thinking can help one to solve classroom problem which will be applied also in real life situations. It is also applicable in real life situation where the problem needs deep reflection, analysis and also planning.


Jonassen, D. H. (2007). Computers as mindtools for schools: Engaging critical thinking. Prentice Hall.

Ennis, R. H. (2003). Critical thinking assessment. Theory into practice, 32(3), 179-186.

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