Smoked Salmon Sandwich Smoked Salmon Sandwich





Tea Sandwich

Instruction on how to fix a Smoked Salmon Sandwich


Four slices white bread, crusts removed

Four slices smoked salmon

Two table spoon chopped dill

Two table spoon mayonnaise

Juice and zest of half lime

One cucumber that is thinly sliced length wise


Spoon the mayonnaise into a bowl

Put in dill, lime zest and juice. Combine the content with spoon

Spoon out a generous amount onto the slices of the bread. Utilize the spoon during spreading evenly through the back of the spoon

Place one the smoked salmon over two of the slices and add the cucumber that has been sliced on top of the slice that contains the salmon

Add the slice that has no cucumber and salmon onto that which you prepared first

Slice it half using a knife for better pieces

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