Social Media and Networking Outline

Social Media and Networking Outline

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Social Media Profile

A social media profile is a summary of one’s characteristics on social media. Unlike in the past where spread of information was a bit difficult, social medial platform such as FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn among others have brought people close to one another and made them to be known through the information in their profiles. Employers have also made use of such information to recruit employees. As such, a person looking for a job must ensure that their profiles stand out through highlighting their core skills and competencies. The profiles enable people in the same career field to network and referrals for job opportunities are possible depending on the profile nature.

A good profile must start with the individual’s official names or a name that mostly identifies the person. For example, individuals with companies or businesses have branded themselves names that are mostly known with. This is where one will be searched and easily found. A username and a url are also included in most platforms. Employers may ask for this url or link to find more information about a person. A smart profile picture with a clear face is important. There should be a precise paragraph to describe the person and what they do. For an individual seeking employment, they should describe what they are passionate about, their education and training background and highlight their core skills and competencies.

The profile should not be wordy but direct to the point and maximizing the provided space. Choose the right key words that will impress the reader. The profile picture should be as smart as possible and portrays professionalism. It is also important to join appropriate groups, to participate in professional forums and network and be active as much as possible (Couldry, 2012).

There are several things to avoid in a social media profile. One is negativity. This discourages those whom they would have liked to network with you. People look for optimism and positivity. One should also not talk negatively about their current employment or employer. It is quite important to remain consistent. Inconsistency proves lack of focus. Avoid posting exaggerated photos that may prove that you are not being yourself or you lack self-esteem. Always be a good communicator.


Couldry, N. (2012). Media, society, world: Social theory and digital media practice. Polity.

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