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Spiritual need Interview




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Spiritual need Interview

Spirituality has a close relationship with wellbeing of an individual. Different patients belong to different religious backgrounds having different faiths, belief systems and each individual view the world in a different perspective and in their own way. I interviewed a patient whereby the whole interview involved enquiring about the patient’s experience as a patient. I wanted to more know about the patient’s medication, family, personal, medical and social history. These questions that am asking the patient will enable me to know why, when and how the patient takes the medication, whether he has any allergies, the reactions from the medication as well as the costs that the patient underwent in order to acquire the medication. I therefore engaged into a conversation with the interviewee.

INTERVIEWER: Does your religion believe in God as the Supreme Being?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes my religion believe in God only and what we do is that we believe that God is the healer of all the diseases.

INTERVIEWER: Does your sickness and health affect your faith in God?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes it affects and some times and I feel like God has gone far from me and all what I do is I become weak in faith and fail to pray at some times.

INTERVIEWER: When according to your faith do you hold prayers for the sick?

INTERVIEWEE: The prayers are held every Wednesday and Friday of the week whereby all church members gather each in their respective prayer groups and pray for the sick amongst themselves.

INTERVIEWER: What are the factors that make you not to follow the medication in the right way based on your faith?

INTERVIEWEE: The doctor told me to be taking liver twice every week and my faith does not allow taking of meat. That is one major challenge that made me divert from my faith.

INTERVIEWER: How has your experience affected your religious progress?

INTERVIEWEE: It has hardened me and pulled me backwards instead of forward in terms of my faith and have a feeling of abandoning my religion because it is not the right religion for me. I have gone against it for the sake of my health.

Patients have different spiritual needs according to the religion that one belongs. The needs vary in terms of the culture and beliefs. This patient that I interviewed has a complicated situation. His religion believes that the best medication comes from God and that it is only God who cures. Therefore his religion does not allow taking of drugs to heal diseases and therefore what happens is that once an individual is sick the other church members gather to pray for the person until he or she gets well and if the condition of the patient worsens, a prayer is dedicated to God to take the person

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