Staffing Matrix

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Staffing Matrix

Resources: University of Phoenix Career Center and U.S. Department of Labor

Create a staffing matrix noting the roles you recommend for the center.

Research salary ranges in your region and list the salary per hour for each role you recommend.

Describe why you selected those particular roles and staffing mix and how the salary cost will affect operations of the center.

Complete the table below.

Role Description of the Role Salary Justification for Position
Admissions Admits patients by gathering and recording physician, patient, and payment responsibility information; answering questions; providing hospital and hospital services information. $55,000 To develop and determine structure with working in different areas of the hospital. Gain as much qualifications as possible to then advertise myself.
Health Administrator Health administrators are responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of a hospital, hospital system or healthcare organization. $80,000 To have a deep understanding of healthcare policy and laws as well as current and upcoming issues that will require administrators to stay ahead of the curve.
Clinic Administrator Oversees and manages the daily operations of a medical facility or practice  $58,647 – $78,073 To be in charge of patient relations, personnel administration and fiscal management.
Nursing Administrator Nurse administrators are responsible for providing leadership to a team of nurses $96,540. To oversee nursing staff, create budgets, approve finances and ensure services meet requirements
Health Information Administrator Health information managers design and manage health information systems to ensure they meet medical, legal and ethical standards. $75,760 To become the expert on patient data that doctors, nurses and other health care providers rely on to perform their jobs.

Cite your sources below. For additional information on how to properly cite your sources check out the Reference and Citation Generator resource in the Center for Writing Excellence.


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