Hi, I am (name), brought up in a religious family and I am writing this letter with the hope of perusing further studies in your esteemed university. With a goal of pursuing health and pharmacy in the university, I hope to fulfill my dream career and also achieve the goal of helping humanity in this field.

I first became interested in this filed when I was studying at my early education level back in a mission school where I was brought up. People used to come to seek help in the schools dispensary and I felt that I could help them one day when I grew up. It is now the right time that I feel I should train myself professionally to offer this. Over the years, I have worked and studied hard in school and in life to acquire skills that I feel necessary for this field. I feel I have learnt the basics and joining this institution will be a plus for me in developing my career. Early schooling and high school has contributed a lot in developing my career.

As stated earlier, my career goal is to help humanity in solving problems that are common in the society through working in the health sector. Some people don’t have the capacity to access medical treatment and I feel it is my responsibility for them to achieve this basic need. I have worked very hard both in primary level and high school to achieve high grades. I managed a distinction in all the courses that I took in high school. I feel this will make me pursue my career dream and emerge the best since I did it earlier in my early days.

Growing up has never been easy that much. My family was not financially stable and for this case I had to study in a mission school where it was a little but affordable for us. Such a school normally has a high number of students and getting the personal attention needed in education is a challenge. With all these, I managed to get the best grade. Over the holiday period, I used to go out and look for extra cash to support myself and my sibling brother and sisters being the eldest. I helped my parents in doing that. For everything i do in life, I am very optimistic and determined whatsoever the situation at hand. I believe this virtue is very essential for my career development and advancement. I also believe that I am a kind and helping person.

When it comes to skills that I have acquired over the years that are essential, I believe I possess all that is required of me. I was an assistant student leader back then when I was in high school. This equipped me with all the dynamic leadership skills that are needed and developed in life. I was in a position to communicate efficiently to everyone in the school and even got recognized for that. I feel I am a suited candidate to be admitted in the university to study this. I have the passion and determination in achieving this in life. I dream depends on you. I promise to deliver the best as I have done in the past.

In conclusion, my most compelling reasons for admission are as follows. It has been my dream to study this field of health from this institution and this is my chance to do this. I have worked hard from the day I identified it to now that I am about to realize it. Finally, I believe it is my God given talent to help people and health and pharmacy will showcase my capability.

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