Stereotype can be defined as a preconceive notion among certain group of people. They are of different types whereby some of the stereotypes are negative and most are positive. A stereotype can also mean a widely held image about a group or a person. There are different types of stereotype based on various groups of people according to the world’s diversity. Not all stereotype create positive altitude to the person because they most of time exaggerated ideas about something (Davine, 2009). These beliefs may affect a certain group of people emotionally and to extend may lead to conflicts.

According to Steele (2007) people make stereotype out of bias or altitude towards some people. The stereotypes can be harmful and can wreak people’s relationship because of their generalization of their assumptions. These assumptions normally come from false ideas and people tend to communicate their won dislike so that they can be understood. Stereotypes are mostly created out of race, nationality, gender and even may come from sexual orientation. A certain group of people is treated differently because of these altitude and to extend looked down upon which can lead to separation of that group.

There is a stereotype about girls in that all girls concentrate much on their physical appearance. This is only a negative stereotype about girls and may create bard intension towards girls whereby they are seen to be concerned about their beauty. There are also racial stereotype that all blacks are lazy and they are only assumptions. These stereotypes are mostly exaggerated whereby we know that it is only men who can be doctors. Women are able to do much too and become great people in the world than being doctors. Females too have engaged in further education to become doctors (Steele, 2007).

According to Davine (2009) all the stereotypes created for a certain group come up for a reason. Most stereotypes are true and useful because you cannot be aware of all people but by using a stereotype of that group you know all. The problem with these stereotypes is that when those assumptions are created they lead to bias and most of people agree with them. For the intelligent people, stereotype is very useful because they use them with a lot of the way they handle them with a lot of knowledge. Sometimes stereotypes are used to make things less exhaustive about a group of people which makes them more persistent.

Stereotypes in the past where used to pass believes of people to a certain group. This group may have had bad behaviors in the past but as they may have changed in current years. The stereotype about life make people act wrongly even when they know the truth because no one will recognize their great idea. For instance, it said that those people with a char are all thieves. This can be taken as an advantage by those people with it because of that belief which may affect their life. Stereotypes are very important in the society as they hold predictive models of association of people (Steele, 2007).

To conclude, stereotype are used to communicate serious social event but they are been overtaken in today’s generation as witnessed in that in the past women were supposed to work in the kitchen while men were bread winners but today they share all the responsibilities. Those used the stereotype have now changed the altitude because of the change in social values. There is also long history on stereotype some are based on faith and others on social values that people need to know the base of them.


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