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Consideration provided to American Red Cross with tools and innovated methods that can be used for enhancing American Red Cross organization routine. Resolve American Red Cross primarily issues within its setting. Develop strategic steps to improve current actions; regarding safety, environmental and communal. Review and re-evaluate agreement on regulations, and laws pertinent to American Red Cross. Approach an agreement in all presented proposals and improvements. Provide efficient and effective quality management to serve the needs of patients and employees. Increase yearly profits margins for financial growth.

Instituted in May 21, 1881 American Red Cross has devoted its organization in serving people in necessity by protecting life and health (American Red Cross, 2019). American Red Cross modify their services; to meet the changing needs of the individuals in aid (American Red Cross, 2019). Thus, staying true to their mission and values. American Red Cross fosters fundamental traits such as humanity, impartially, neutrality, independence, volunteer services, unity and universality (American Red Cross, 2019). American Red Cross solely role in healthcare is to provide emergency aid, disaster relief, and disaster readiness; as well as education on a national level.

American Red Cross organizational culture are values or experiences from others to bring or higher the chances of holding the organization together. The American Red cross encourages this method because when traveling to different places the volunteers could develop beliefs or prayer for those who are stressed to relax. This organization and culture have been the unique and premier emergency responder that is big or small disaster to relief the other emergency departments. This adjusted philosophy includes policy formulation, drive, management control, conflict management and customer management plans. This organization gives a certification of any emergency you need to help whether is housing, food, clothes healthcare. The American Red Cross have thousands of volunteers that give compassion to the people that need it. They ask for volunteers to help the disaster community to give back to people in stress. The unique backgrounds of the culture that affect every person in involve in this organization. This method is easier for the red cross because when you have people that are from other cultures, they will learn peoples’ beliefs and customs to their religion. It could also be harder for them to use because they still had volunteers who would not follow this method and be out of this procedure. Cultures have certain things or beliefs that could or could not be used which makes volunteers having to learn about these certain beliefs. There are still rules about this as well which can make it much harder for not being able to do customs, we have ideas and values of our own but could never be used because of certain rules in the Red Cross.

American Red Cross prevents and eases human anguish in the face of emergencies by assembling the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. The American Red Cross is a not-for-profit generous organization devoted to providing amenities to those in need. The Red Cross has habitually required and received the highest ethical performance from its employees and volunteers. Their core value’s follow the 5 C’s; Compassionate, Credible, Collaborative, Committed and Creative. (American Red Cross, 2019). All are welcome to join no matter the age, ethnicity, disability, age, denomination or sexuality. After evaluating your core values, mission and code of ethics I believe the Red Cross is doing an excellent job. The recommendation I would give you in order to better serve people is to make your presence better known at high schools across America in order to engage more youths in sacrificing their time to help those in need.

Red Cross business assets includes contributions, cash, checks, postage, charge cards, bills, vouchers, and reimbursement claims. (American Red Cross, 2019). They certify that all claims vouchers, bills, and invoices are accurate and proper. The Red Cross conducts business matters in agreement with all appropriate rules and guidelines. Agreement with the law does not make up our entire responsibility, but somewhat it is a minimum, crucial condition for the performance of our duties. The Red Cross is dedicated to defending the environment and the well-being and safety of people everywhere. To achieve this, they have made local eco-friendly, health and safety regulations our minimum standard for environmental protection. (American Red Cross, 2019). The American Red Cross needs innovation in order to truly flourish. American Red Cross employees are very knowledgeable and filled with enthusiasm but providing them with designated areas such as a cubicle can really help their creative side blossom. Thus, taking the time to implement these innovations will make your employees feel appreciated making them happier and more loyal to the organization.

American Red Cross has rules on ethics and policies which need to be followed by each employee, contractor or sub-contractor. Lack of compliance can result in citation, write ups and or termination. Therefore, legal and ethical issue must be taken into priority in a timely matter. Failure to follow through will potentially cost American Red Cross millions of dollars. Let’s learn from our past, lets evaluate a case in 2011. Ellen ROBINSON, Plaintiff–Appellant v. AMERICAN RED CROSS, Defendant. Ellen Robinson, phlebotomist technician sues American Red Cross in 2011 for race discrimination claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (United States Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit., 2014). Ellen Robinson claimed; Red Cross did not promote or train her because of her race, and that her race was reason for her suspension and ultimate termination. Thus, Red Cross violated “employment disadvantage” when it failed to provide Ellen Robinson with the tools needed for growth in the workforce (United States Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit., 2014). Mistakes like Robinsons case can help you improved our organization for future years. For example, hiring high qualified employees from a variety of protected race, provide equal opportunities for growth. This can allow our company to grow in diversity and positive work environment.

Other properties that have had a positive impact to American Red Cross have been good press. Relationship between the American Red Cross and the media have always been our growth. Media is the outlets used to acquire donations, marketing and for helping those in need. But like everything, there are two sides of a story. Let’s evaluate three occasions where media reports scams in your organization. First scams, “Federal agency” offering you a $9K grant (American Red Cross, 2019). Second, an advertisement announcement about a Red Cross specialist or doctor who needs to reposition out of the country fast and is trying to sell or rent his property (American Red Cross, 2019). Third, a phone call, text message or email affirming that a family member its volunteering with the Red Cross in Haiti and has been detained (American Red Cross, 2019). Tools and strategies that can better help avoid scams like these can be investing in cyber security; upgrading servers and proxies to insure internet safety. Allocating extra money in your marketing department, allows for optimistic propaganda for American Red Cross. Preparing our employees with education tools to help grow the company. We need to invest more money in educating employees and volunteering to be professional.

As an organization, legal compliance will provide the organization in direction of all required laws and regulations. By following all of the required laws and regulations, the organization will minimize any employee legal actions. (American National Red Cross, 2017). If consistency is shown in the organization and appropriate disciplinary measures are given, employees will show compliance to the values and ethics of the company. It is also important to show appreciation with incentives. American Red Cross may have been in a situation where their personal interests have been compromised If American Red Cross employees have been a victim of a situation like so, they should feel free to speak with a supervisor or chairperson of the board. Without repercussions, employees should feel safe and heard in the workforce, this promotes stronger relationship with administrations and effective communication. Employees with access or ownership to a company or organization that does business with American Red Cross is a big NO. This kind of entanglement creates financial interest conflict within the organization. The organization must establish reasonable steps to appropriately respond to criminal conduct. This will help prevent future similar issues. Promoting an ethical compliance program will help the employees trust the organization and protect the image.

After reviewing these innovated methods and discussion. American Red Cross can be more alter in inner and external issue regarding their organization. These approaches can and will improve organization setting functions.


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