Technological Advancements and Challenges

I am entering my third year at Strayer majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management and a minor in Management. I live in Georgia with my three teenagers. I am a Locate/Intake Agent for Department of Child Support Services which means I locate noncustodial parents and register new cases for custodial parents seeking financial support. I hope to receive a passing grade for this class.  

Week 1 Discussion: Apple is about to release its latest technology. The company needs to develop a plan to communicate with key stakeholders about the release. You have been tasked with identifying those main stakeholders and selecting the method for communicating with each group. Summarize your plan in a two to three paragraph post.

Identifying and communicating with Apple’s stakeholders is important in decision making for the release of Apple’s latest technology. Developing a plan to communicate with stakeholders about the release of Apple’s latest technology is vital. Both internal and external stakeholders including investors, shareholders, Apple’s employees, suppliers, retailers, and customers are the main stakeholders. These groups will help Apple’s growth increase domestically and internationally.

The main methods of communicating with internal stakeholders should be communicated through meetings, forums, conference calls, newsletters and emails. These methods allow stakeholders to make suggestions and give feedback about the release. After identifying the main target audience, communication to the public including customers and retailers will be communicated through marketing and advertising for the new technology release. Communication should be frequent, constant, and measured for effectiveness.

Apple has a great relationship with its stakeholders and has been deemed one of the best companies in America. Apple’s stakeholders which include employees of the company give very optimistic reviews of the company. Apple is able to retain stakeholders by continuously producing products that give customers a great experience. Putting stakeholders first resulted in Apple being ranked number one as the World’s Most Valuable brand list.

WEEK 2 You are the author of a popular CSR article. For this week’s discussion post, discuss the main reasons why Apple is or is not a socially responsible organization. List at least two examples of Apple’s actions that support your position. Be sure to use terms from Chapter 3 to demonstrate your understanding of corporate social responsibility.

Apple is a remarkable company and is one of the most socially responsible organizations. Apple uses renewable energy and recyclable products. Apple understands that they have the responsibility of helping to keep the environment and communities safe. Apple has committed to providing the highest standards of social responsibility wherever their products are manufactured. Apple uses the most environmentally manufacturing processes available, demand that their suppliers provide safe working conditions for their employees, and ensures employees are treated with dignity and respect. Apple uses its power responsibly so that in the long run they will not lose its power by being socially irresponsible.

Apple has been implementing a “Better” campaign for years to prove that they are socially responsible. There is much documented information about Apple’s drive to keep our environment safe. Apple’s date centers are powered by renewable energy. Apple is committed to producing products made with toxin free materials to keep the environment safe from poisonous toxins. Apple’s products are recyclable. This is also a display of how Apple is producing better and safer technology and shows commitment to protecting our environment. 

Extra Credit – Corporate Responsibility or Pure Business Decision – Could they be both?

In February 2014, CVS Caremark a pharmaceutical chain announced that the company would stop selling tobacco products as it moves its focus from predominantly retail into becoming a healthcare provider. This decision would reduce the company’s profit by $2billon.

(1)   Debate whether this is a good business decision or not.

You cannot purchase cigarettes at the doctor’s office so CVS is rebranding itself to be known as a healthcare provided more so than convenience store. Although the company will lose two million in profit you have to consider CVS made recorded $127 billion in sales during its last fiscal. The company, now known as CVS Health, has estimated it will lose $2 billion a year in revenue as a result of the move. 

(2)   How does this decision help the society?  

CVS’s decision helps society but putting more emphasis on better health care. CVS is concerned with caring for patients and the general health care market. CVS has over 900 “Minute Clinics” to enable customers to have basic medical care and treatments at lower costs than visiting doctor’s offices, hospitals, and emergency rooms. 

(3)   Could other pharmaceutical chains follow suit? CVS’s competitors could follow suit by eliminating the selling of tobacco products but have yet to make steps in that direction although being pushed by state officials. Walmart and Walgreens have followed the trend of opening retail clinics.Bottom of Form

WEEK 3 Think back to a time when you had a supervisor or coworker who you believe made an unethical decision or exhibited unethical behavior. List at least two reasons why you think people are tempted to act unethically. Describe the most effective safe guards that you believe an organization can put into place to prevent unethical behavior within the organization.

Just recently a coworker made an unethical decision to steal child support payments made by the noncustodial parents to satisfy court or driver’s license purges. This may have been due to a financial hardship the employee is undergoing. Either way the unethical decision to steal payments were more likely due to temptation and a lack of self-control. Some effective safe guards an organization can utilize to prevent unethical behavior within the organization are trainings, workshops, periodic email reminders, and conflict of interest forms. Taking these actions could lessen the temptation to behave unethically.

I think that people view unethical behavior differently. Unethical behavior can be based on an individuals morals, values,and goals. A lack of self control is a factor with behaving unethically. The risks of the unethical act maybe worth it to the individual and if it is a one time isolated incident. 

Extra Credit – Starbucks steps into conversation about race

In March 2015, Starbucks is joining the national conversation about race in the latest sign that corporations are trying to tie their brands to big social issues. This decision has sparked a backlash on social media, with people saying it is opportunistic for a coffee chain to try to inject itself into such an important issue. 

       (1)  What does the company plan to accomplish by engaging its staff and customers in race discussions and issues? How would this benefit the society? The company’s plan was to engage in race relations and gain different perspectives about race. Talking about race although an emotional issue would benefit the country by addressing this important issue and allowing communities to see the country is so much better than what race relations has portray it to be.

      (2)  Could Starbucks be playing a dangerous game by getting its employees involved in such sensitive issues? “Race Together” is the ad Starbucks is using to campaign as an initiative to start conversations and debates between customers and employees. Race relations is such a hot topic and has great potential to jump start arguments.

      (3)  Could this decision deter some customers to stop patronizing Starbucks? Most customers are in a hurry. If a customer and an employee began a complicated discuss about racism this could slow down those waiting in line for service resulting in customers becoming aggravated. Besides, Starbucks did not implement trainings or workshops on how to deal with complicated race relation discussions for their employees.Bottom of Form

WEEK 4 Globalization and Corporate Citizenship”  Please respond to the following:

Congratulations! You have been appointed as a new product manager with Samsung and have been tasked to introduce the latest smartphone in a new country. Choose and research a country other than the United States, and then formulate a plan to effectively integrate this product from a global and social standpoint. Speculate on the major challenges and opportunities you anticipate facing in this role.

I would choose Latin America to introduce the latest smartphone technology. Latin America is projected to have a 60% technology penetration by 2016. I will facilitate meetings have multiple teams working on different projects but making sure all teams are on the same page keeping the campaign message consistent. I will formulate of plan of using a method to include understanding my target audience and key ways to communicate to them. These traditional methods will include email marketing, print advertising, web advertising, and social media advertising. The most effective channel to communicate new technology is social media and the internet. I will also give my target audience a visual connection. The Samsung product should always common look and feel. Part of the new technology campaign will be to use coupons such as in store and digital coupons. This will allow me to keep track of which promotion is the most effective. This opportunity provides Samsung with focusing more attention on developing and researching geared toward current and future needs of the target audience but this type of technology comes with many challenges. These challenges include many imitations of Samsung’s technology, less expensive devices, and the rapid changes in technology.

Choosing Africa to introduce the latest smartphone is a great opportunity. Cell phones and smart phones are everywhere in certain parts of Africa and in some parts landlines barely exist. Cell phone and smart phone usage has increased in Africa over the years and continues to increase. Some studies show that more people have cell phones than electricity. Those Africans who understand some English are more likely to own a cell phone. 

EXTRA CREDIT: Social media has had a tremendous impact on our culture, in business, as well as the global environment. Social media websites are some of the most popular haunts on the Internet. Today, social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and socialize via the internet.

       (b)  Discuss at least two cons of how social media is affecting our society and provide at least two examples to support your rationale. It is believed by some teachers that social media is a distraction and a waste of time. Some studies show that students who are heavy social media users have lower grade averages than non-users. Another con of how social media affects society is by causing stress and relationship issues. An internet report that users had experiences of face to face arguments, losing friendships, and relationships. Some arguments that stemmed from social media resulted in physical fights.

  • Discuss at least two pros and two cons on how social media is affecting businesses.
  • Two pros are low costs and unlimited audience. Joining social media networks is usually free and tools needed to reach people are also free. Businesses are able to reach an unlimited amount of people through Social Media Marketing and gain more exposure for their businesses. Two cons are attracting a negative audience and time consumption. Social Media Marketing can draw in negative people. This opens the door for negative comments and malicious individuals. This includes trolls, spammers, and scammers. Reports show that Social Media Marketing is time consuming. Digital marketers can spend at least 6 to 11 hours on Social Media Marketing. If the Social Media Marketing is not done correctly the efforts and results will be useless and not generate sales for the business.

WEEK 5 Discuss the main reasons why a business should or should not be involved in political discussions or take a political stand. Use terms found in Chapter 9 to demonstrate your understanding of the material. 

City leaders look for methods to reduce costs and increase revenue for their communities. Walmart is a retail giant. Many towns have boycotted and protested against Walmart’s built in their communities. They feel that Walmart’s existence in their communities will be detrimental to small businesses. These boycotts and protests could have an impact on Walmart stores in those areas. With strong political participation Walmart can argue that opening of any business can have an impact on businesses. Walmart can show that they are able to provide jobs, promote economic growth in those communities, and therefore benefitting the community due to Walmart paying millions of dollars in city and state taxes. 

Committed business become involved in politics in some way. It is important for businesses to stand for some level of standards. By openly taking a stand the company gains support from those who share the same views. The down side to companies taking a political stand is that some in the community may not support the company if their political views differ from the company.

EXTRA CREDIT: The riots in Baltimore are reminiscent of those in Ferguson, Missouri, after a white police officer shot an unarmed black 18-year-old there last year. CNN reported early Tuesday April 26 morning that numerous small businesses and houses burned down in addition to the many cars set on fire. Perhaps the most devastating fire to be set during the riots ignited a $16 million senior center under construction in East Baltimore. It has become obvious that there is growing tension between younger citizens particularly people color and the police nationwide.

Discussion Question:

(1) Research and speculate some of the sources of this tension. People of color are more likely to be profiled, stopped for traffic violations, searched, and interrogated. It is speculated that police officers base their decisions on extralegal factors which are factors that are not considered legitimate. Minorities and more so black males are subjected to differential treatment from officers than any other group of citizens.

(2) Examine reasons why angry citizens would choose to loot and destroy businesses in their neighborhoods. Angry citizens feel that looting and destroying businesses in their neighborhoods will get the needed attention and justice the community. Some citizens feel as if they have nothing to lose by looting in poverty stricken neighborhoods. The community may also feel like the consumer stores that are being looted and burned down do not care about the community.

(3)  Discuss the pros and cons for engaging in such distractive activities. Peaceful protests are possible and can still attract needed attention for communities in need of help and change. Civil disobedience does not have to be confrontational. Civil disobedience with authority attracts the wrong attention and usually fails to bring about change. Violent protests results in assaults, injuries, and at times death. 

WEEK 6 BLOG Sustainable Development and the Environment”. Please respond to the following topic:

You have been appointed as the new environmental manager for Microsoft. In a blog post to your key stakeholders, discuss using environmental management as a competitive advantage. Additionally, you must comment on at least one of your peers’ blogs. Be sure to use concepts found in Chapter 11 to demonstrate your understanding of information.

Microsoft, the New Green Organization

As you well know we have created a well-established environment with our customers. We must now give greater attention to producing a truly ecofriendly product. Our company has done a great job with keeping our environment clean and safe, however it is now time we take more steps into forefront. We should start by making all our products 100% recyclable. Using recyclable materials and implementing a recycling program to have a tree is planted for each one of our products that is recycled back to the company. We should then reduce the use of harmful products that we may use throughout the company and exchange them for plant based products only. Finally in making our company more eco-friendly would be to set standards and strictly enforce guidelines for our international factories. Safe, clean work environments should be priority and provided to all workers with heavily monitored work hours and fair wages. We must stay at the forefront of the industry and be innovative to continue to the next level.

Many organizations are beginning to adopt environmental management as a way of dealing with natural environment challenges, improving its image, and to comply with existing regulations. These factors have greater implications for competitive advantage. Upon adopting effective environmental management system, Microsoft will gain valuable capability. Microsoft will enjoy the benefits that accrue because of the environmental performance. That is because the company will gain an efficiency improvement as a result of adopting effective environmental management system.

WEEK 6 EXTRA CREDIT Share your opinions on whether the anti-vaccination movement is detrimental to the society

The human population will be endanger because of the anti-vaccine movement. Every state has laws that require vaccinations. Schools require vaccinations before children are able to enroll. Some doctors will not treat patients who have not been vaccinated for fear of causing an outbreak and spreading of diseases to other patients. The CDC recommends immunizations from birth to adulthood. Invention of certain vaccines has helped to increase life expectancy. Vaccinations help to prevent the spread of diseases to others and outbreaks that can cause an epidemic.

WEEK 7 Technological Advancements and Challenges”  Please respond to the following:

In a departure from its normal business operations Apple has recently teamed up with a bio-tech company to investigate the possibility of cloning human organs. You have been tasked with creating a press release to make this decision public and get ahead of any negative press. Compose a statement to the press to explain Apple’s decision and quell potential negative reaction s.

Apple Inc. has always provided great pleasure and happiness through Apple’s technology. Apple Inc., are innovators of picture quality, digital music, operating system software, and smartphone technology. Apple’s next innovative journey will entail biotechnology in an effort to tackle various humane illnesses and ageing. Apple Inc. is thrilled to be able to lend their technology to assist in enhancing lives of people around the world. Apple’s Inc. will help push the effort in cloning human organs to provide a higher supply of organs and tissue to those who are in need of transplants. This initiative will hopefully save many lives and provide a better quality of life for people. Apple Inc. hopes to have on-going support from our customers as we move forward with our new devour.

Cloning suggests the possibility of growing humans. There are social issues, moral, ethical, and legal arguments involving cloning. Concerns about cloning have been a hot topic for many years. People remain divided on the issue. There are costs to consider, psychological effects, government funding, and discussions of taxpayer funding. Discussions about the ethical ramifications are needed as well as determining who will be accountable and have the right to patent live organisms. A lot good intentions have resulted in catastrophic outcomes from mankind playing God. 

Week 8 Consumer and Shareholder Protection

You are tasked with writing a blog post discussing Facebook’s stance on consumer privacy in the digital age. Additionally, you must comment on at least one of your peers’ blogs. Demonstrate your knowledge by using concepts presented in Chapter 15. Note: Review pages 342-345 in particular.

Facebook has taken steps in order to better serve our customers. Customer privacy has been a concern since the beginning of technology. Private information and keeping our technology protected remains a top priority as we move forward and expand services. Keeping our privacy on our smartphones, personal computers, home computers, and business computers has become our top priority and focus. Facebook takes pride in safely providing our customers with their needs and wants. It is our responsibility to provide our customers with easy to use security features that will keep consumer’s information safe and provide peace of mind. Using these principles, we are upgrading our security features and implementing new policies to keep your information confidential. In addition, Facebook will continue to research potential security threats and develop newer, better products to continue enhancing the customers experience.

As a state employee it is vital that I utilize all of Facebook’s privacy options because the agency is searching for state employees on Facebook to see if we are adhering to their standards of conduct policy. I like how Facebook allows you to have a totally private page or partially private page. I also like the option of being able to adjust what you want to be seen by friends only, friends of friends, groups, acquaintances, family, or publicly. Facebook is very prompt when reporting violations of a privacy breech.

WEEK 9 no discussion question

WEEK 10 You are a new PR intern at Apple. Apple is donating 200 iPads to a local inner-city school to promote technology in education. As a PR intern, you need to get the word out about this event. In your discussion post, compose a tweet (a tweet is 140 characters or less) and a Facebook post (200-250 words) creating awareness for the event. 

Twitter: December 1, 2015 Apple Inc. will be donating 200 iPads to our local inner-city School Jackson Elementary #Educationispower 

Facebook: Apple Inc. Apple Inc. will be donating 200 iPads to our local inner-city school Jackson Elementary #Educationispower We would like to help and empower students by providing two-hundred iPads to our local inner-city school system. We at Apple Inc. wish to afford children in our community the ability to obtain a higher level of education and a closer look at the world while using our technology. 

WEEK 11  Please respond to the following: In either a video or written post, summarize two new areas of knowledge you have gained from taking this course. Discuss the manner in which these two new areas of knowledge will benefit you in your current or future career.

I have gained knowledge in various areas. Two areas are business analysis/planning and monitoring and requirement management/communication. The area of business analysis/planning and monitoring help the organization in analyzing the business from the stakeholder’s point of view and challenges of globalization. This also helps with planning, organizing, and monitoring all activities of the organization. Requirement management and communication assist in creating company culture, ethics, and better recruiting for a more diverse workplace to ensure smooth operations of the business. This knowledge will help me in my future job career by analyzing the business and its requirement from all perspectives and improving its functioning by relevant decision making, suggestions for success, and growth of the business.

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