Technology Used to Improve Patient Experience

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Technology Used to Improve Patient Experience

The health care industry is constantly evolving. Its evolution is driven and affected by new and improved technologies. As technology is developed and improved upon, the health care industry can use it to improve patient experience. Patient experience can have an impact on several aspects of the health care industry, most importantly facility revenue.

Technology Description of technology that improves patient experience (45 to 90 words) Explanation of how technology improves patient experience (45 to 90 words) Artifact that represents the technology APA Citation
1. Online medical care This criteria involves the use of internet sites with pages that enable patient doctor communication. The method involves the assessment of patient symptoms’ to the doctor to which acute problems can be directly addressed and the necessary implications adhered to .The connections are enabled through online tools Individuals living in rural areas who can readily gain access to internet connection are able to access the services to coerce any further damages before actual physical treatment is administered.The practice enables more patient and doctor communication since the services are scheduled prior to the actual meeting since information is shared to detail due to the question and answer involvement criteria.   (Kenney, 2016)
2. Patient portals In this kind of technological advancement, patients historical background is stored in online websites thus enabling them have their personal health information at hand. Patient portals include information on the patient username, the name of the last medical attendant, the drug administered during the treatment process, the hospital admission and discharge dates. Enable easy execution of medical routines by different doctors in reference with the previous doctor reviews.Reports on the medical history are well kept and thus fast counteractive measures are able to be performed in case of any emergences.Private access by patients since each is assigned a different patient code and each portal has a password to which herewith they are able to access their medical information.   (Phillips, 2016)
3. Telemedicine Involves the use of information technology in cooperation with telecommunication to bring about patient doctor interface connection. The technology enables faster and proficient administration of Diagnosed medical attention. In the event of treatment, clients are able to effectively send in their medical reports the medical physician is then able to assess the eventual cause of the illness and administer the appropriate sort of medication prescription. Medical professionals can give their chasm opinions on the type of medication that is most appropriate in curing a specific ailment.Telemedicine enhances the rate at which emergency requirements are done .this therefore means that large geographical areas can obtain the same treatment given there is an available number of doctors.Relieves the expense of outpatient visitations since medication can be administered regardless of the geographical area.   (Kenney, 2016)
4. Patient care Refers to the ethnical administration of integral patient treatment with respect to the values that guide all clinical decisions made by the doctor to their patient. Patient care service include therapeutic routines ,rehabilitative routines, palliative routines amongst other initiative exercises that are necessary in the impartment of patient care and secure healing process. Patient feels secure since they are treated with great level of reticule and awareness.In the administration of patient care, monitoring and screening of drug administration’s highly observed to coerce any unnecessary carnages.The nation is involved due to the availability of whistleblowers in case of any iffy cases   (Phillips, 2016)
5. Communication methods The standards of communication within a hospital setting is an issue of great scrutiny thus the channels used to address any epidemic in a health related facility should be fast and efficient enough to ensure that unnecessary predicaments are curbed from happening .The use of electronic health records has been of high value since most diagnosis’ is done through algorithimised computer systems that relate disease symptoms with their most possible causes. Enables fast and effective service delivery to the clients.Key cards are created for those diseases with the same symptoms and so are their drugs this therefore enables a health institution detect outbreaks in case of any if they have been similar reports of the same   (Kenney, 2016)

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