The Concept of Spirituality

The Concept of Spirituality





The Concept of Spirituality

Spirituality is a very broad term and concept which has got room for many views whereby it has connection with things bigger than us. It tries to explain the real meaning of life and anything that can touch our souls in the world. There are many definitions of spirituality whereby many say that it is sacred or deeply interconnectedness to something big. Some people find that they are strongly connected to God through personal prayers while others find it when there is an association with church or other institutions where people gather together for prayer. On the other hand, other people find spirituality in their connection to art of the way nature is. For instance, spirituality may differ throughout your life depending on your personal experiences. This may be caused by your defined purpose of your life (Tanyi, 2002).

The concept of pluralism is used to mean multiplicity or there is more than one reality. It means that there is existence of more than one whereby reality states that, there is and one reality. Pluralism may also mean different forms or kinds of being. Scientism can be defined as the efforts applied in order to expand scientific ideas. In addition, they are the efforts of knowing further the methods, how people perceive matters concerning social and political affairs inclusive of practices. For instance, Descartes thought that by the use of the science they could know how the world worked and be able to possess it. Postmodernism is a word used to refer to being after modern life. This could also mean the era of traditional norms and cultures.

According to Christian view, prime reality is the infinite which has been revealed in God scriptures. Prime reality can also be said to be matter which really exist eternally. God does not exist but matter exists eternally. This shows the prime reality about nature. The nature of the world around us can only be understood through all the patterns of relationship which take place in the world. This may come to be through the interconnectedness of all things in the world around us. All things in the world are generally perceived as being because many things are related to each other in the real world. In addition, a thing is called a thing only because it is connected to other things. The nature of the world within us therefore is all about the relationship of things to other things whereby there must be dependency. It is reality that there is interrelationship in the world.

Human being is any individual who is from the genus of the Homo and also from the Homo sapiens species which can be a man, a woman or child. It is believed that human beings came from dust and were created by heavenly father. An individual who is born is believed that he or she must die whereby after the death of the body it returns back to the soil or dust. The body contains the soul and spirit which was amounted by God and after death it remains in the soil until the last day where it will be renewed to spirit. At death, no one is able to recognize whether they are alive or death (Astin et al. 2009).

It is possible to know anything at all because the nature of the world around us consists of the interrelationships of things whereby everything must relate to another. People are able to know the world around them and the God who surrounds them. This is because we live on the world of pressures which requires for more interventions. According to Hall (2008) the conscience helps us to know what is right and wrong. Every individual who is born has an innate knowledge which enables him or her to differentiate between the right and the wrong. The innate knowledge is contained within an individual which helps us to judge ourselves whether we have done the right or the wrong action.

Hall (2008) argued that our conscience is said to be sensitive aspect which drives human beings and also controls our well-being. It usually tells us what is right and wrong within ourselves. The inner voice tells us to do the right thing and be self-driven which is the Gods voice. God calls every individual to do the right thing through self-reflection and judicial power. We also gain knowledge through learning on what is right and wrong which helps us to tell the truth. We are able to tell the truth through our sell-confident. The confidence is gained through the power of the knowledge we have which drives us to do the right.

In conclusion, the history of human is a line or systematic sequence of events which aim at showing the fulfillment of God’s creation. History therefore is a linked events which have been caused to happen. Human history is very important as it shows the purpose of God’s creation of humanity. Human history is all about the records of the past of human beings. We believe that we were created by one God who created the universe and let it to drive itself. Through this history we are able to tell the origin of man and how we are connected to God because He is the creator.


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