The Hiring Plan process

The Hiring Plan process – Jeremy

Hiring 600 employees for the additional two company locations being opened

Out of 600 people, 300 of those people are chosen by interview

150 pass employee testing

143 pass drug check

85 pass the background check

34 pass the credit check

The hiring process would have to be multiplied by roughly 8 to reach 600 successful hires. There will be 4500 applications received per month from the recruiting efforts. This means that we would have to interview 4,500 candidates to successfully hire 600 employees.

Out of 4500 people, 2,250 of those people are chosen by interview

1,125 pass employee testing

1,069 pass drug testing

641 pass the background check

256pass the credit check

There is a budget of $200,000 to hiring and selection: I chose employee testing, drug testing, & background checks.

= $104,915 gives us a total below 200k and is within budget.

  • 2,250 interviewing @ 70$ = 157,500
  • 1,125 employee testing @ 30$ = 33,750
  • 1,069 drug testing @ 35$ = 37,415
  • 641 background check @ 25$ = 33,750
  • 256 credit check @ 35$ = 8,960

How does this current hiring process affect the successful filling of current position vacancies? The current hiring process will successfully fill the 600 positions needed for the opening of the two new company locations in Jacksonville.

What process changes can be made to help your budget concerns? I feel that the process chosen is within budget. It allows us to hire more employees although I wish the budget had allowed for in person interviewing. It was the cheapest alternative saving nearly 90k.

How many new employees have to be hired each month to meet the objectives of the “hire ahead” plan? Of the 300 people employed at each center, only 3% can be new. It takes nine months to be fully trained. With only 9 employees allowed to be new, each month there can be1 new employee.

What is happening to the vacancy rate? The vacancy rate is slightly rising as a result of the two additional centers opening in Jacksonville.

What is the vacancy rate? Vacancy rate = open positions/total positions. In this case the vacancy rate is 600/2250 = 26.7%.

What can be done to improve your vacancy rate? To improve the vacancy rate, I feel that in time the area will adapt and improve once the two new centers are established.The new employees should be fully trained to fill the 600 open positions.

What can be done to understand the turnover rate? The turnover rate is the percentage found by the total employed of the whole company, or by specific location. In this case, the turnover rate of the company is 147 employees per month and in the Jacksonville location, the rate is 30 employees.

What can be done to improve the turnover rate?To improve the turnover rate, the company should strive to establish good benefits, a good working environment, opportunities for advancement, and a good pay rate.

How does this scenario affect the bottom line of the company?I feel that this scenario affects the company in a negative way. I don’t think that the budget allows for thorough screening, and I feel that the company has too high of a turnover rate.

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