The internship project

The internship project





The Internship Project

Ever since I was young, I have loved fashion. I was the kid that knew what a statement piece was, before the term was coined. I chose my own clothes from the moment I could speak, a source of countless headaches for my mother. I remember making a passionate case of why I thought green and orange were the best colors and her desperate pleas trying to dissuade me of this notion. However, I would like to think I was just ahead of my time. Color blocking has been a major concept of modern fashion. So you see I really did have a point. Growing up, I have maintained the same love for fashion. This was the reason I decided to intern at Kid’s fashion shop. My experience has been that children do indeed have something to say about fashion, and they need to be nurtured in such a way that they express this.

During my internship this idea has been reinforced tenfold. As an employee of this institution, it has been a joy helping children find outfits that express who they are. For what are clothes, but an extension of our personality? I have had a wonderful time during my interaction with children and the staff. All of whom have worked in concert to make my time working here both fun and educative. The experience has helped me discover that I am extroverted and enjoy the personal interactions with the customers.

My internship experience has been wonderful; however there are a few opportunities for improvement I saw. The most pressing was the need for diversity, both in the staff and clientele. With the ethnic and racial tension that is rampart in the country, fashion ahs the unique ability to start healing the hurts. It would be both financially and ethically sound to be deliberate about seeking diversity. With the recognition of all races, ethnicities and cultures, we stand a better chance at finding and maintaining mutual respect. Fashion is central to how a community expresses itself, to its culture. It is therefore a good starting point. Why a kids fashion shop though? The answer is simple, to overcome the discord that exists among the people today, we have to start when they are young.

Another great opportunity to develop would be in the mentorship of young talent. One can learn a lot more at the feet of a mentor than they ever will if left to their own devices. It would therefore be prudent to develop a program where talented children are able to pursue their passions under an experienced hand. The program should include all aspects of running a fashion business. It should be tailored to school going children, meaning that a bulk of the mentorship will happen over the summer holidays. The fashion shop can act as a liaison to other related industries such as modeling, print media and entertainment. This will ensure that no talent goes unexplored. Children are an endless source of ingenious ideas. If tapped, it can be beneficial for both the shop as well as the children mentored.

Fashion has a unique place as far as social consciousness is concerned. Some of the greatest fashion icons have used it to spark conversations about matters important to the public, the most recent being the MeToo campaign. This is a campaign that has brought recognition to victims and is helping fight against sexual harassment. This said, it is obvious that fashion with a cause is not a novel idea. It has been recognized as a valid tool for bringing about social change. The fashion shop should seize this opportunity to support a worthy cause. Not only will this give them relevance, it will also impart a value system in its workers and clientele. This would provide an opportunity to children to participate in change that they want to see in the world. The projects can be diverse and change annually and would be a great way to increase the self-sufficiency of the participating children. Nothing else in the world can impart such confidence and there is nothing better than a child who believes that their actions can change the world. These are the children that eventually grow to have the greatest impact society.

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