The Role Of Culture Week 1 Discussion 2

Vissing (2011) explains culture as “an organized system of living and thinking. It contains shared attitudes, values, goals, and behaviors that are present in individuals, groups, organizations, or regions of the world” (p. 24). Describe some of the ways that the role of culture can shape our expectations about how people are supposed to behave? Use the following terms in your explanation: values, norms, material, status, groups and roles

Everyone is the world is different, we all come from different backgrounds. Depending on how you were raised while growing up you will have different values from other people. I am from the south so most people will label me a redneck which I am not. The role I have taken on as a wife and mother is that I am to take care of the house and make sure things are taking care of in my home life while my husband takes care of the financial part seeing as he is the only one with a job. With associating people in groups such as bikers or gang members’ people automatically get scared when there is no reason to be scared if they have never done anything to you, your friends or family. Values in today’s society are hard to come by because a lot of young women my age have no self respect anymore, which is very upsetting to me because we as women have the upper hand but a lot of young women do not understand that. Values are used to guide people in their everyday lives and help shape their treatment of others, as well as establish standards for desirable individual and group conduct. Being a mother is one of the main roles in my life right now. When people become parents, role requirements are for them to be patient, kind, and attentive to their children . The roles people play in society today whether it is someone in the working class, those who are going to school, and even those who are living off welfare we are all doing something that puts us in the roles in which we are meant to be doing at the time. A lot of the military wives that I have come in contact with over the past six years come across as very materialistic and personally I find that to be very disrespectful to their spouse because they were extremely too hard to make the little bit of money they earn to be spending it on non essential stuff.

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