The Woos of the Middleclass Parent

The Woos of the Middleclass Parent

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September Education Changes in Texas

The educational changes that will be on effect from 1st September will of a great impact on the average families who do not have enough money to afford the higher educational charges that will be in effect. The federal loans are the only solace that some of the middle class parents have but to add a hot nail on the injury, the loans are not reliable since the program is not efficient as they only cater for about six percent of the total expenses (Ward & Anthony 1992).

The middle class families have only sufficient incomes and if these changes come in effect there will be a very big burden on them. The same parents are also liable in the assistance of the poorest kids in the schools and hence these will weaken their perception on the little help that they offer to the poorest families while they are expected at the same time to take care of their own (Conrad, 1979).

The state programs on education subsidy according to the Texan parents are poor and unreliable and most children do not qualify for the programs offered by the state. The programs only cater for a few students who get above average but the majority of the rest who fall under the average family category will be left in agony as the education system will no longer be affordable (Ward & Anthony 1992).

If it is a must that the new system be affected, then the government must find ways in which they will subsidize the learning fees for the poor Texans as well as the middle class families by injecting more funds into the education kitty as well as improving the education loan programs. The government should seriously consider the challenges that the new system will have on the average parents in terms of fee-affordability (DelFattore, 1992).


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