Ticket Seller Part 1 Design Phase

Part 1: Design Phase





Part 1: Design Phase

Part 1 of the project demonstrates how Visual Basic program can be used to generate and sell tickets. Ticket seller is the startup that intends to get this programs working for them. For this section, I am going to demonstrate how various forms and form elements will be used to achieve the end goal. In summary, this is the section that has the design and logic components needed in Part II, Coding Phase. The actual code will be in the next section, phase 2. The menu sub system will be used to achieve the step by step execution of the project.

The first form is where the setup menu will be shown. This section utilizes buttons and an image element to show the users Setup game and sell tickets. System users have these two options. Setup Game will enable them to key in the name of the game, price per seat, date when the game will be played and the number of seats available.

Setup Subsystem

The setup subsystem will utilize a form linked from the ticket seller. The form uses the following elements;

System users can click submit to submit their data and save the game so they can be used to sell the tickets or exit to abort operation.

  1. Label
  2. Text-area
  3. Date picker
  4. Button for submit and Exit.

Sell Sub System

The sell Subsystem linked form the ticket seller first named ‘Sell Tickets is invoked when that button is clicked. This is a form with the following elements;

-The available seats enable the seller to know the number of seats available so they can sell appropriately.

  1. Label to show the item and the seats that are available to be sold.
  2. Date
  3. Text Area
  4. Buttons for Submit and exit to abort operations.
  5. – When the ticket number is entered, the price is calculated based on the priced per seat and the figure is displayed appropriately. For seats purchased that are more than 10, example 30, a group coupon of 10% is automatically applied. This leads to a reduction in the total price that is to be paid. The date section captures the current date. When the submit button is clicked, a receipt is printed with the necessary details in it and a discount if any.

    Reporting menu

    The final menu is the reporting menu. This is for the company manager and financial personnel to keep updates with the sales. It has the daily and weekly radio sections. Radio buttons enables the selection of one report, either weekly or daily.

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