Ticket Seller

Ticket Seller


Professor Saweh

Brandon Bell

Strayer University – Fall 2015 Semester


Program Name: TicketSeller

Description:The system will provide sales in a Microsoft Windows environment at the ticket office. Management will use your program as a prototype for a future global ticket system.


Form Object Event Trigger Event process
frmMain ExitToolStripMenuItem Click Closes main form
  SetupGameToolStripMenuItem Click Open frmSetup form
  SellTicketsToolStripMenuItem Click Open frmSell form
  DailyReportToolStripMenuItem Click Display sales Daily Report
  WeeklyToolStripMenuItem Click Display weekly Daily Report
  SetupButton Click Open frmSetup form
  SellTicketsButton Click Open frmSell form
frmSetup GameTextBox User Input User input for name of game
  DateTextBox User Input User input for date of game
  PricesTextBox User Input User input for ticket price
  SeatsTextBox User Input User input for number of seats available or total tickets available
  DoneButton Click Close the window
frmSell AvailableTicketsTextBox Displays number of available tickets
  CurrentDate User Input User Input for date of tickets sold
  SellTicketsTextBox User Input User Input for number of tickets sold
  TicketsCostTextBox Displays cost of tickets sold
  TotalSaleTextBox Displays total cost of tickets sold
  DiscountTextBox Display discounted amount if tickets sold are more than 10
  DoneButton Click Display updated / calculated values
  ExitButton Click Close the window
frmReport DailyReportRadioButton Click Displays daily report in list box
  WeeklyReportRadioButton Click Displays weekly report in list box
  ReportListBox Displays daily/ weekly report in list box
  DoneButton Click Close the window

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