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Is it necessary for one to go college in order to be successful? One should be able to attend college because it help in crafting a career and enhancing skills.


Should children spend more time watching educational programs? The amount of time that a child spends in front of the TV can determine their development and academic performance thus parents need to keep an eye on how much TV their children are watching.

Video games

Are some video beneficial for young people’s minds? A child needs to have some video games because it is important for their development.

Video games have been accused of taking too much of children’s time that would have been put to other more meaningful issues but it is important to assess the role of video games in deepening children’s learning experiences. According to Demarest (2000) video games have great academic benefits to children. For instance children can learn and improve on their learning and language skills such as giving and receiving directions, following instructions. Video games can help children to better or learn some basic Math skills this can happen when they are interacting with the score counter found in video games. Social skills are also greatly enhanced because children can easily make friends with other children with whom they share the passion for video games.

Videogames have also been used to improve the health care of children. For instance games have developed to assist children with chronic illness about how they best take care of themselves. Children can assume the role of a diabetic character that knows to take of themselves. This leads to improved health and less need for emergency treatment.


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