Transformative Leadership Paper, Part 1

Transformative Leadership Paper, Part 1



Transformative Leadership Paper, Part 1

Self-awareness and personal values are very important in any organization or an agency. Self-awareness refers to the ability of a person to know and understand what he or she feels and why he or she feels so. The ability by personnel to show self-awareness will enhance the quality of service they give to clients. In that way, they are able to recognize their moods and know how they affect others especially their clients. In this paper we are going to analyze the self-awareness and personal values as observed from the staff of the agency from the transformation stories(Goleman, 2004).

To begin with, the staffs in this agency are self-aware. The staff personnel are self-aware in that they understand the problems that the agency faces. Regina clearly tells Nick that Allison has failed in her duties in planning the future of the agency. Despite the fact that the agency is a non-profit it is good to plan for funds early. Though the staff seems to be self-aware, the management is seen to have a problem in that they do not make good decisions and this is why they end up in arguments while in the meeting (Goleman, 2004).

The staff are self-aware as described by Nick the journalist, Nick says “First, the good news. I saw day care staff doing great things with their toddlers in the morning. Those ladies could change diapers on two babies while keeping the rest of the kids occupied the whole time. I think they knew every song Sesame Street ever recorded.” The staffs are aware of themselves and the work environment. Nick continues to give a case where one of the staff worked hard to make a woman have housing possibilities. She might have called 8 people approximately 20 times but even with that she never gave up. This shows that the staff worker is self-aware and knows how to handle the clients well (Goleman, 2004).

It is good if the staffs are self-aware first before they serve others. When Nick visited Francisco Oliva, He was amazed by the patience she showed when dealing with a mother with two twins. It is not easy dealing with kids with and aftermath of addiction. Nick comments that the agency has the most caring staff. He concludes by saying, “All in all, good, caring people not afraid to go the extra mile for the clients in their lives.” The agency has good people who are aware themselves in terms of their feelings and would not mind offering services even under trying fiscal circumstances (Morton, 2007).

Workers in this agency perceive the work they do as not so important and that the management does not care about their welfare. It can also be seen that there is some misunderstandings among workers in the agency. The meeting is brought to an end when two ladies start shouting. The quarrel was between Angelina and Rachel Boreinstein. Nick had observed that Rachael was unhappy since she came into the meeting and had been unhappy with the situation. This shows that the workers in this agency were not in good terms even before the meeting (Morton, 2007).

The workers differ with each other in that, the funds of the organization are not enough therefore they need to retrench some of the employees under Angelina hence she is not happy. She says that in the past the number of clients has doubled while she had a short in the number of workers. This issue is likely to affect the providence of service to clients negatively. Some workers may experience burn out and hence resign to go for other careers. Also, as it is clear workers are few and clients are many hence, clients are not likely to be served well. The number of clients who get tired waiting to be served by the workers may be high and this is likely to result in undermining the work of the agency in helping people (Rokeach, 2010).

According to the readings, personal values can be defined as the ideas and concepts that help people show determination in helping people live meaningful lives. The staff in this agency shows various personal values such as self-determination, respect and dignity, effective treatment and good relationships. Self-determination is seen in the staff in that, despite having problems in the agency by not having enough number of workers, the workers continue working and helping the clients under those conditions. They also possess self-determination in showing helping clients in all range of problems ranging from schizophrenia to addicts(Morton, 2007).

Respect and dignity is evident from the staff in that they respect their leaders. Even though there is a problem in the management system, the staffs stay low and still respect their heads. Respect and dignity is effectively managed by using appropriate language and minding ones language. Effective treatment on the other hand is observed as one of the values that the staff use and try to perfect. The staff uses effective treatment which is good in dealing with human services. Likewise, making and maintaining good relationships among people is also a personal value possessed by the staff in the agency. A good relationship between the client and staff is important in treating clients. Clients will like the process and cooperate throughout the treatment (Rokeach, 2010).

In this agency the people in it believe in medical and psychological treatment in helping solve client related problems. The type of belief available in the workplace and that contained by the clients should be maintained since a difference in the beliefs would result in misunderstandings between the practitioners and the clients. Some beliefs however need to be changed so as to help the agency suit to the demands of the clients. This may include the sources of funds and the management which is not taking its mandate well. Beliefs however, help in the whole process of trying to give help to clients in the different support programs in the agency. It has been observed that in organizations or agencies where the beliefs of the clients and those of workers match, there has been success in helping the patients with their weaknesses(Rokeach, 2010).

To conclude, it is therefore the responsibility of the management of the agency to ensure that the activities in the agency are streamlined and conflicts between workers should be resolved. And as discussed above the general system beliefs of the agency should be maintained through identity, empathy and acceptance of the various beliefs.


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