Area of Focus: Can Facebook effectively be used as an eLearning tool

Proposed Intervention: To provide data and possibly incorporate Facebook into eLearning in the classroom, or add more technologies of different kinds.

Research Questions Data1 Collection2 Tools3 Why This Tool?
What technologies are currently being used in grade 3 and grade 7? Interview with teachers to get a broad perspective view of what technologies are used Written analysis of what is used and to what extent   These tools will give me a baseline to start the study and provide what is missing for the intervention
What is the progression from 3 to 7 in the advancement of technologies used, if any? Questionnaire for the teachers and principal to fill out     This tool will also provide a starting point by illustrating what is used, and where technology is missing
If there is not a major progression, why or why not? Could we possibly incorporate more technology to assist with instruction? Use a version of the Likert scale to see if the students would benefit from more technology, Facebook in particular     This will involve the students and also provide their opinions on what technologies may be incorporated
Discuss how using a mixed-methods data collection approach will lead you to understand and explain more fully what is discovered during the research, as opposed to using one approach over the other:This research project needs to incorporate both, quantitative and qualitative date collection methods. First, based on facts, quantitative, and then qualitative, which provides the research possible to reshape human behaviors.  Mills, G. (2014). Action Research. A Guide for the Teacher Researcher. 5th Ed. Pearson Education, Inc.

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