Trust and Accountability

Trust and Accountability


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Trust and Accountability

Trust is defined as the belief in the reliability, truth and the abilities of someone or something to deliver as agreed. It is developed after considering that someone is good and honest and will not harm you. Accountability, on the other hand, is the ability to be answerable and responsible for the things one has done or is going to do.

I have been in the field of business for a very long time. Trust is one thing that I have built and has become part of my daily undertakings. It is one of the attributes that has kept me going this far. First of all, I am a very authentic person. From the success of the other businesses that I have seen through and acted as a consultant, being authentic has helped me. I like being around people and always ready to learn from everyday mistakes. You can also build my trust on the integrity that I have upheld over the years. I always stand for what is right even when nobody is on my watch. I am also a very resourceful person (Harris, 2014).I always know there is a room for growth. With these few aspects about me, your business is on the safe hands. I will ensure that I put in place strategies that will make you smile in a very short period of time. The experience I have is not questionable. I am looking forward to making the business flourish.

In regard to accountability, the thing I would do is clearly adhere to the expectations of the person I am dealing with (Bernaz, 2016). Everyone has expectations of what they want to achieve. Giving them exactly what they need is what will make me a person of great accountability. I will not shortchange myself but always deliver to the best of my ability. I will also ensure that I utilize the resources given to me well. I will be able to show how each and every material in any form given to me has been utilized. With these actions, I will be able to show my level of being accountable.


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