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Understanding IFSAC and PROBOARD and their value to the Fire Service

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Introduction to IFSAC and the Proboard

The National Fire Protection (NFPA) has many standards, for the Fire Service to produce good fire fighters, it must have a way for fire fighters to meet the standards that were set by NFPA. There are countless training and education programs available for Fire fighters to help them meet the NFPA standards, but some of these programs may not meet the standards and may be missing some integral part that was set by NFPA. That is where the IFSAC and Proboard come in. Both of these organizations are used to filter through the programs and accredit the programs that do meet NFPA standards.


IFSAC stands for International Fire Service Accreditation Congress. This organizations purpose is to accredit international, national and regional fire service certification programs. This organization is peer-drivenGuarantees the participating groups meet the policies and procedures set by IFSAC.Also the members’ certification programs are improved for quality.

IFSAC takes steps to ensure that the program meets the standards before it accredits the certifications or testing programs.The organizations policies and procedures are reviewed to ensure that is meets a nationally recognized standard.

IFSAC Reviewing Process

IFSAC looks over many items before determining if the organization’s certification is eligible for accreditation.Does the organization have the right to administer the states certification program. Does the policies of the organization relate to the testing programs and certifications.Are administrative details taken care of, such as; scheduling and announcing for the organizations testing, notifying candidates especially when pertaining to scores, testing security, records, distribution of IFSAC seals and other administrative responsibilities.The written and practical exams content to ensure that the standards are met. Determining if the test fairly and accurately evaluates candidates knowledge.The evaluators ability and how they give the test, such as delivering instructions.


The Proboard is used to produce internationally recognized standards of acknowledging professional achievement. “The accreditation of organizations that certify uniform members of public fire departments, both career and volunteer.” (The accreditation levels are of State and Provincial.


Organizations that utilize the NFPA standards are accredited by the Pro Boards.To begin the accreditation process the organization has to submit an application that includes a self study document.Members of the Committee on Accreditation (COA) will review the application and documents, to ensure that they meet the accreditation criteria set by the Pro Boards. The COA members will than visit the organization for an on site review of the certification and testing areas. Afterwards the members that visited the organization will prepare a report and give it to the COA.The COA will then determine is accreditation is allowed.

Tennessee Accredited Agency

Tennessee Fire Fighting Commission is responsible for the fire fighting certifications and standards in Tennessee.The Commission ensures the the minimum requirements are met for career and volunteer firefighters. The certifications are of duel accreditation or Proboard and IFSAC. Levels and Courses include-Hazardous Materials Awareness, Hazardous Materials Operations, Firefighter I and II, Fire investigator, Fire Inspector, Fire Department Instructor I and II, Pumper Driver, Operator, Fire Apparatus Operator, Aerial Apparatus Operator, Fire Officer I, II, III and IV, Fire Department Incident Safety Officer, Airport Firefighter, Wildland Fire Fighter I and II, Fire Safety Compliance Officer I and II, and Public Fire and Life Safety Educator I and II.

IFSAC Accreditation in Other States

ArizonaFire Fighter, I, IIHazardous Material Awareness and OperationsCalifornia Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, Office of the State Fire MarshalFire Fighter IHazardous materials, Awareness,, Operations Core, OP MSC Personal Protective Equipment.Wildland Fire FighterDelaware State Fire SchoolHazardous Materials; Awareness, Operations Core OP MSC Personal Protective Equipment, OP MSC Product Control, Technician

IFSAC Accreditation in Other States

Montane Fire Training SchoolFire Fighter I, IIFire Service Instructot I, II, IIIHazardous Materials: Awareness, Operations Core, PPE Product Control.NevadaFire Fighter I. IIFire Service Instructor I, IIHazardous Materials: Awareness and Operations

PROBOARD Accreditation in other States

Alaska Fire Standards Council Fire Fighter I, IIHazmat Responder, Awareness, Operations Core, Operations Mission Specific: PPE and Product ControlMaaine Fire Service InstituteFirefighter I,II, I/IIFire Officer I, IIFire Instructor I, IIMontana Fire Service AcademyFirefighter I, IIFire Instructor I, II, IIIHazmat, Awareness: Operations Mission, Operations Core, PPE and Product Control

PROBOARD Accreditation in other States

Nebraska State Fire Marshals Office- Training DivisionFirefighter I, IIPumperFire Officer IFire Instructor IHazmat Awareness, Operations Mission Specific, Operations Core, PPE and Product Control, TechnicianWest Virginia University Fire Service ExtensionFirefighter I, IIPumper, Aerial operatorFire Officer I, IIFire Instructor I, IIHazmat Awareness, Operations Core: Operations Mission Specific, PPE, Product Control, Air monitoring, Mass Decontamination, Technical Decontamination, Technician.

IFSAC Non-State Agencies

Phoenix Fire DepartmentAirport Fire FighterHazardous Materials TechnicianDriver OperatorSouthwestern Illinois College- Fire Science Program (Certification)Hazardous Materials; Awareness and OperationsFire Fighter I, IIFire Officer I, IIFire Service Instructor I, II

PROBOARD Non-State Agencies

Central Pierce Fire and Rescue- WashingtonFirefighter I, IIHazmat Responder; Awareness, Operations Core, Operations Mission Specific, PPE and Product Control.National Park ServiceFirefighter I, IIDriver operator PumperFire Officer IFire Instructor I

Organization benefits with IFSAC and PROBOARD

There are many benefits that organizations receive for being accredited by IFSAC or PROBOARDS.An organization which has certification or training programs that are accredited hold more weight and value than certifications and training programs that are not. These organizations are more nationally recognized with accreditation.Different Fire Department from different areas of the country can count on these accredited certifications or training programs to meet the standards set by NFPA

Fire Department and IFSAC, PROBOARDS

There are many reasons as to why Fire Departments should look for programs and training certifications that are affiliated with IFSAC of PROBOARDS.Accredited programs ensure that the Fire Department meets the standards set by NFPA. By using accredited programs Firefighters are able to move from state to state easier without losing their certifications.Allows recognition as well trained and skilled firefighters through the accredited programsSets the standard by which the Fire Department can measure Fire fighters for possible promotions.

Fire Department and IFSAC, PROBOARDS cont.

By successfully meeting the accredited programs standards the Fire Department is is showing professionalism and the success of their Fire Fighters abilities.Each Fire fighter who passes these accredited programs knows that they have passed training programs that have been set to national standards. Fire Department sare assured that their Fire Fighters are trained to the standards set by NFPA.

Life Safety Initiatives

5. Training, qualifications and certifications are developed and implemented on the national standard level.6. National medical and physical fitness standards are developed and implemented.10. Grant programs should reflect safe practices and eligibility requirement. 11. National standards regarding emergency response procedures and policies should be developed.


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