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Work From HomePolicy

Industrial psychology is a scientific study of a behavior of humans applies theories of psychology and necessary principles to an organization; including people in their can also be called work psychology, occupational psychology or business psychology. They are all put in place to support a success of an organization by boosting the performance, health and safety of the organization, motivation the overall well-being of all employees and job satisfaction (Karoly, 2004). They normally undertake research on attitudes and behaviors of the employees, how their abilities can be improved through training programs, hiring practices, feedback, and systems of management.

According to the case studies which have been conducted concerning thework from homepolicy, it has come to realization that people who are left in the office always feel demoralized. Reports from industrial psychologists show huge changes in productivity. Despite the positive things about the program, the employees who remain in the office feel at a disadvantage.No matter how they work hard and stay late, they don’t look like they are producing as much as their colleagues who work remotely.

Working at home was noticed that it eases congestion in organizations which require many employees like libraries. It gives space for new hires that are necessarily needed in the office. Mostly top performers of the organizations are the ones given the opportunity to work at may ultimately bring classes among the employees instead of creating a healthy competition in the organization as noted by (Karoly, 2004).

In a nutshell the work-at-home policy can either be of a positive or negative impact depending on the type of business which it is being employed invite may hurt the morale of other employees in the firm or even demoralize them in a way making them feel disadvantaged.


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