BA 340 week 2 Discussion: Employment Laws

Employment Laws

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Employment Laws

Employment laws are the rules and regulations also taken as the guidelines that govern the rights and duties of both the employees and the employers. Basically, these laws are there to ensure that the employees are treated fairly and that they are safe at their place of work. In the United States of America, these rules were enforced back in the 20th century in order to protect workers from the oppressiveness that came as a result of industrial revolution. The laws that were passed in the early 20th century were majorly laws about the compensation of workers who are injured, working conditions, setting the right wage, the healthcare of the employees, equal pay of both men and women, among others(Barker, 2012).

However, these employment laws differ in several ways in the global environment. The employment laws that are used in USA are different with the ones used in the other countries for example China.

In USA, a written employment contract is not needed while in China, a written employment contract is needed. This written contract must contain the name of the employer, legal representative, residence, the number of the identity card, the limit of the employment contract in terms of time, the details of the place of work among others. In addition to this, the minimum age that one is required to have in order to be employed in USA is 16 years while in china, a 16 year old is termed as an underage.

In China, the standard working hour system has been established whereby, the workers should not work for more than 8 hours in a day and on weekly basis, they should not work for more than 40 hours. Although this standard system is there, it is not uncommon for the China employees to work 60 to 100 hours in a week. In US, the workers work for 8 hours in a day and 40 hours in a week(Goldsmith, & Gray, 2015)

These differences are there because different states have different labor laws depending on their legal constructions and economic objectives that they have. The other reason is that, different countries have different cultures and hence cannot have the same employment laws. For instance, the culture in USA is different with the culture in China. The state of different economies also lead to different employment laws since some countries maybe developing while others are fully developed such as USA. China is not in the same level of development when compared to USA and so that is the reason as to why, their employment laws are different. Therefore, the differences must be there because there is no country which is similar with the other in terms of the resources, development, education system, population and many other things and that’s why, the employment laws between USA and China differ.


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