Part 1: Online Job Search

Online Job Search

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Online Job Search

After conducting an online job search, I have found the job that I have interest in.The process of online searching was tiresome because there were various options of good jobs and therefore it needed a clear mind to come up with only one option. The online job that I found is about becoming a call center agent in the supply chain in the Coca-Cola Company.

The online search was not an easy task. I carried out a lot of research about the job and used various sources to enable me find the position. I used the company website in order to find the job. The company website helped me to get more knowledge about the organization. It is the first place where I was able to research about the employer. In the company website, I was able to find the statements about the mission and vision together with the organization’s history. Additionally, I was also able to learn the goals, job postings and names of the top leaders of the organization together with their supervisors(Poremsky, 2014).

Social media sites such as twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook also helped me in my search of that job. Moreover, the online periodicals also enabled me to carry out my job search successfully(Williams, 2015). Through online periodicals, trade journals, magazines and newspapers were easily accessible. The industry experts posted some articles about the organization in the journal articles and by reading them, I was able to get more information about the organization.

Above all, the main tool that enabled me to carry out my research successfully was the search engines. They could search for the keywords that I entered and created a list of related websites. Through the search engines, I was able to acquire more information about the company. These search engines included Yahoo, Bing and Google(Jobs online, 2009).

The job is mainly about, making sure that all the clients of the Coca-Cola Company stay refreshed. The call center agent basically makes calls and coordinates work straight from the bottler to the consumer. The agent answers calls made by the clients to answer any question or concern raised and that’s why it was very important for me to carry out an online search since through it, I was able to understand everything about the company. It is very clear that, one cannot be in a position to answer the questions raised by the clients about the company or services if he or she does not know anything about the company.

My background matches the requirements of the position whereby one is required to be able to work under the directions given by the manager of the call center and i meet that requirement. One is also required to cooperate with other workers to ensure that customers are served well and I also meet that requirement. One should also be conversant with the organization together with its operations so as to be able to handle the questions and concerns raised by the clients and I too meet that requirement. I meet the qualifications that are required by the Coca-Cola Company for that position and can work effectively towards achievement of the common goal of the Company.


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