BBA 4951 Unit VII Journal

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BBA 4951 Unit VII Journal

Business ethics are behaviors or conduct implemented by an organization aimed at minimizing wrongdoing among employees, managers, and the organization as a whole, and there are many organizations out there that are very good at this. Unfortunately, there are also many organizations out there that do a very poor job of this. One of the key ingredients that can be used to establish an ethics culture is to develop a clear and concise code of business ethics. A code of business ethics is a physical document of some sort that specifies the expected behavior and/or conduct of employees and managers within an organization. Additionally, there are six key procedures that organizations can implement in order to support an ethics culture, which are: swiftly and severely punishing wrongdoing once it has been detected, being cautious in hiring only employees who posses high ethical standards, developing socialization programs aimed at reinforcing desired cultural values, modifying or altering chains of command to provide subordinates with more than one individual to report to, establishing a culture in which subordinates are encouraged to challenge the orders of superiors when these orders present themselves as unethical or questionable, and finally developing a higher understanding among employees and managers regarding the internal policies, procedures, systems, and mechanisms that may possibly lead to unwanted misconduct. Expectations should be very clearly expressed so that all may understand them and policies must be enforced at all times, not only on a case by case basis. Finally, leaders should continually model and present themselves around the behavior that they desire from their employees.

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