Essay: Corpus Delicti

Corpus Delicti Columbia Southern University Introduction There are many things that can change a decision that can be made during a trial. Corpus delicti is one of those rules that can change the outcome of someone getting life in prison or not getting a couple years and getting out on parole. The thin line that …

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BCJ 3601 Unit 3 Essay

Unit 3 Essay Columbia Southern University Introduction Being a battered woman can be mentally and physically I think when the Supreme Court was trying to say that there can not be a specific definition of a battered woman. There are so many situations that can make a woman a battered woman because not every situation …

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BCJ 3150 Unit VIII Assessment

How do you think the Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI) may affect the future of probation and parole? The Justice Reinvestment Initiative is a public / private program in which participating states receive funds to make changes or implement policies and programs that prioritize prison space for serious and repeat offenders while using alternatives to incarceration …

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