Hazardous Waste – Essay

Hazardous Waste Columbia Southern University Abstract This paper will provide information about the four characteristics of a hazardous waste. There are four lists of hazardous waste that will be discussed. The manifest system of tracking hazardous waste will be explained. A description of treatment, storage, and disposal facilities in my area will be provided. There …

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Water Pollution – Essay

Water Pollution UNIT II ESSAY COLUMBIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY There are many types of water pollution, but I will touch on the impact of soil erosion on water quality in receiving waters, the dissolved oxygen profile downstream of a wastewater discharge, eutrophication of lakes, and sources of groundwater pollution. I will describe drinking water sources and …

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BEM 4351 Unit I Assessment

Review Test Submission: Unit I Assessment Content User   Course BEM 4351-18F-2B20-S2, Environmental Technology Test Unit I Assessment                     Attempt Score Grade not available.   Time Elapsed 20 hours, 45 minutes Instructions Assessment Instructions Results Displayed Submitted Answers, Correct Answers, Feedback Question 1 40 out of …

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BEM 0331 Unit IV Case Study

John Rapanos was charged in federal court with violating the Clean Water Act (CWA) after backfilling approximately fifty-four acres of land he owned in Michigan without first obtaining a permit issued by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (Rapanos v. United States,, n.d.). In 1988 John Rapanos asked the Michigan Department of Natural …

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