Hardware and Software

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Hardware and Software


Hardware and Software

In today’s society, we are living in the digital age where we cannot live without our computers. We rely on computers for work use, school use, and even personal use. With computers being such an important aspect in our lives, it is important to know the difference between hardware and software. It is also good to know how hardware and software work together on all different computers to provide you with the desired experience for use. It is essential to keep in mind that hardware is the physical equipment needed to run the computer, while the software works with the hardware to complete certain tasks.

“Hardware is best described as a device, such as a hard drive, that is physically connected to the computer or something that can be physically touched”. Some examples of hardware would be a printer, computer monitor, and even a CD ROM. Without computer hardware, the software would have nothing to run on and the computer would not be able to function. “Software is a general term used to describe a collection of computer programs, procedures, and documentation that perform some task on a computer system”. The software is used to communicate with the computer hardware allowing it to complete certain tasks. Some examples of computer software would be QuickBooks, Microsoft Word, and Internet Explorer. The software is broken into two categories which are:

System Software: This is what helps to run the computer hardware and system itself. This is most often installed on the computer when purchased before use.

Application Software: This is what allows users to accomplish tasks. This would include web browsing and software installations.

The system software is most important to the computer itself because this is what ensures that the hardware and system are communicating properly to provide the best experience. If there are bugs on the system software, then the whole system will have issues working together. When it comes to application software, it is imperative that the applications being downloaded are trusted and not any form of virus to ensure that the software does not crash any of the systems.

When it comes to deciding the type of computer you should get, there are several factors that need to be thought about. One thing to take into consideration is the software that will be used on the computer you are buying. Some people prefer Windows, while others enjoy the OSX system. The storage capacity and memory capabilities are also good things to consider when looking at buying a new computer. Choosing the computer with software you like is key when deciding what to buy because if you enjoy the OSX system, you are going to buy an Apple computer rather than one that has Windows installed on it already. The storage and memory are things to keep in mind if you store a lot of information on your computer, such as school work, pictures, or any other documents because if there is not enough room on the computer, then it will in time begin to run very slowly. If someone is looking for a computer that is in school, they may also consider going with a computer that already has the Microsoft Office software installed on it so that they do not have to buy that along with the new computer. One hardware component to consider is having a Disk Drive; the new Apple laptops do not come with a Disk Drive, so if you need a Disk Drive for any particular use or software downloads, then it would be best to not go with one of these computers. If you do not use a Disk Drive often or at all, then an Apple computer could be a good fit. Some more components to consider is if the system has HDMI or USB capabilities, as these are used often for hookups to other devices such as wireless mouse, keyboard, or even printers.

There are many key utilities in operating systems that people use to maintain their computer and even customize their desktop. Most utility systems are downloaded outside of the operating system, even though there are some standard utilities that come with operating systems. Some common utilities that are used are:

Anti-Virus: Used to scan computer for viruses and removes them.

Backup Software: Makes copies of information while also storing it for use to backup either the entire thing or just certain files.

File Managers: Provides a useful process to perform routine data management by renaming, deleting, and modifying data.

Network Utilities: Evaluate the computer network connectivity, configure network settings, and check all the data transfer information.

Knowing the types of utilities that are available on your operating system are important because you can then decide if you need to find any external utility systems that need to be downloaded to the computer.

The type of computer that I have is a MacBook Pro, Retina, 13 inch. I chose this computer because I like the OSX system and I feel that Apple products, especially their computers, are very well designed and last a long time compared to other computers I have had previously. I did a great deal of research before picking this computer, as I needed to ensure that I was going to be happy with all that it had to offer. I picked a computer with a good processor and 8 GB memory to ensure that I have enough room for all my school work and pictures that I like to save on it.

MacBook Pro, Retina, 13 inch

With how much our society relies on computers for work, school, and even just personal use, it is good to know the differences between computer hardware and software. Computers are not going away anytime soon, if anything they are becoming more integrated into our lives, so we must be open to learning about what all they have to offer us. Everyone should know the differences between hardware and software and learn what is that they need from their computer to make the best decisions when buying a new computer. Knowing the differences between hardware and software and the ways that they work together ensure that we as the consumer are buying the product that best fits our needs for long term use.

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