BOS 3640 Unit III Chemical Compatibility Essay

Unit III Chemical Compatibility Essay


BOS 3640 Interactions of Hazardous Materials

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Unit III Chemical Compatibility Essay

The concept of chemical incompatibility is one that is very important especially in regards to individuals that are not familiar with the hazards that could occur if the wrong chemicals are accidently mixed. For this paper there are two chemicals that will be covered and their compatibility will be discussed. The two chemicals that were researched and studied for this essay were Clorox Crisp Lemon bleach and Liquid Lightning Pro drain cleaner. These two chemicals are common household cleaners that most homes will have some version stored away and there are dangers if these two were to accidently be mixed together. For this paper these two chemical’s safety data sheets (SDS) were reviewed for their compatibility along with an examination of the Chemical Mixing Compatibility Chart from the U.S. EPA for further comparisons.

Bleach is an everyday multi-purpose product that can be found in many homes it’s chemical make-up is sodium hypochlorite. Bleach can be used for sanitizing most areas of one’s home or to launder their clothing as well as multiple other things. Liquid lightning pro is a common drain cleaner or drain clog remover, it’s chemical make-up is primarily sulfuric acid. Upon reviewing section 7 of the SDSs for these two chemicals it was found that neither should be stored in the same space. Upon reviewing the Chemical Mixing Compatibility Chart, it was further confirmed that these two chemicals do not interact well with one another and are incompatible. The chart showed that sulfuric acid was an extremely reactive agent and should not be combined with sodium hypochlorite. Section 7 of the SDS further state that bleach should be stored up-right in a dry, cool and well-ventilated location with the lid tightly secured. Additionally, this product should not be stowed away with other cleaners such as rust removers, toilet bowl cleaners, ammonia products, or acids, (The Clorox Company, 2018). Section 7 of Liquid lightning pro states it should also be stored in a cool, dry location in an upright position with a tight lid to prevent leakage. Additionally, to keep this product separated from items such as food and food stuffs, metals, and cleaners that contain strong oxidants, combustible and reducing substances, strong bases, (Jones Stephens Company, 2015).

When someone is only using these chemicals individually certain precautions should be taken such as wear of gloves, long sleeves, and eye protection. If by accident bleach were mistakenly combined or mixed with a drain cleaner that has the chemical make-up of liquid lightning pro it could cause serious harm to anyone that comes in contact with it, be that person a homeowner, first responder, or an environmental health and safety professional as stated previously it would be an extremely reactive situation. In any case the use of personal protective equipment is needed.

The usefulness of both the SDSs and the U.S. EPA Chemical Mixing Compatibility Chart cannot be understated when it comes to understanding which chemicals are compatible. Safety data sheets are the easier of the two to understand as everything is written out in layman terms and broken down into sections. The Compatibility Chart is a bit confusing for those unfamiliar with common chemical make-up and terminology but does offer an appendix to help sort out the novices. Both the SDSs and Mixing Compatibility Chart were in agreement of these chemicals being incompatible with each other. In an effort to ensure chemical incompatibility doesn’t occur at both work and home the writer of this paper will be sure to research and review the safety data sheets for any new chemicals bought or brought into work or home to be stored.


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