Applying Internet Systems Technologies

Applying Internet Systems Technologies


Comparison Parameters Java Python Ruby
Introduction Developed by Sun Systems in 1994 Originally designed to be highly readable and use English keywords instead of proper grammar. Designed by Guido van Rossum Released in 1995 by Yukihiro Matsumoto and is among the earliest developed systems.
Applications HTML and CSS are the languages used to structure and give meaning to the web content, laying out multiple columns. Java programs are written in plain text, so no special applications are needed. It enables you to create updating content, control media and anything else to create webpages. Python is utilized in every facet of the design process and can be tailer made to fit any structure. Python can run on a wide variety of hardware platforms and has the same interface on all platforms.Python provides interfaces to all major commercial databases. Ruby has gained popularity due to ruby on the rails, its 100% object oriented in that everything has an object. Even the most basic data types would have instant variables. This makes method chaining easier
Efficiency Java has a long track record of being very dependable and easy to manipulate codes. Javascript efficiency depends the code and the engine running the code, as development gets more complex the code gets better and performance is improved. The browsers javascript engine impacts the efficiency of the language and what drives the webpages. Python code is more clearly defined and visible to the eyes.Python doesn’t need a computer to be implemented and adapted. Very easy and simple design makes it very readable and easy to manipulate. Python provides a better structure and support for large programs than shell scripting. Ruby is know for having flexible language, .Ruby is a very flexible programing language and offers quick innovation hence fun to work with and allows modification to various parts of the language if desired without changing it all.
Security Java has well-structured robust security features.According to O’Reilly and Associates (O’Reilly & Associates, 2001), the language was designed and developed from scratch with security in mind.Both the language and platform are secure. Python is the most secure when analyzing all present threats. Python is a very highly rated system, the only threats it faces are the LDAP injection, command injections and Xpath injections. Ruby is just as reliable as other platforms with the same threat levels issues as Python.
Support Java’s programming is based on high level security, the language ensures that the security is in place when running the applications. The data you transmit remains private due the language in the application remaining confidential. This is the most widely used system and has many fortune 500 companies using it. There are always updates coming for Python due tot eh wide use it has in companies software. Python provides interfaces to all major commercial databases. There are a large grouping of companies that utilize Ruby, which means that continued support will be almost all but certain.Ruby is very easy to learn compared to the other programs, which means it will continue to be adapted and used. .

Comparison of the technologies

Choosing the Best Technology

  Java Python Ruby
Available features Java is very easy to use and the ability for sure over various platforms makes the implementation very user friendly. It is also very language friendly and makes switching to different languages easy. Python has support for an interactive mode which allows interactive testing and debugging of snippets of code.Due to its popularity and use with companies there are a lot of training information. Its strength lies in the ability to use this program easily and for it to be adapted to fit any user ability and system settings. The ruby on the rails is meant to be easy for beginners and the programming language makes it concise and easy to use.
Suitability for Pine Valley Furniture Pine Valley Furniture cwoudl be able to use Java very easy and would suit their needs very well. Its very user friendly and doesn’t require other programs but the tech is dated. Python is the best option on the market for Pine Valley to use and would make the most sense. The ability to easy implement and adapt is crucial for Pine Valley, so Ruby is an ideal fit for them. Ruby will need to monitor the traffic that they receive and Ruby can help.


All three programs would be animal fit for Pine Valley, however in those systems theres a clear front runner and a clear second and third. I believe that Python is the best option due to the versatility and the popularity, the other programs Ruby and Java are popular and have their uses, but they don’t have the steady backing of companies like google do with Python. Pine valley would be smart to use Python and thats my recommendation.


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