Systems Development Life Cycle Presentation

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Systems Development Life Cycle Presentation


Five-Step Marketing Research Approach

Hiring a System analyst

– System analyst are college educated persons with the ability to design a system that can fit our needs the best. – System analysts will also provide more stability then a contractor as they can integrate with existing employees to conduct training in new programs and systems.– Currently we do not have the operational ability on staff to design a new system and need to look outside our operational structure for this.

Five-Step Marketing Research Approach

Building a system vs off the shelf.

– Building a system allows us to tailor make a system to our needs instead of cutting and adjusting a system in place. – An off the shelf system maybe difficult to find in our budget range due to the size requirements we need. Off the shelf systems also require system commitments to the manufactures that would restrict us. – Designing our own system allows us the ability to tailor make and design a system that best fits our cost, response time and vendor support needs.

Bespoke system

– The bespoke system is the right system for our needs as we can tailor fit it for our needs. – we have the ability to subtract and add to it for our supplier and cost needs. – we also have the ability to test and run diagnostics on it as we attempt to roll it out via our system analyst. – The IT staff we will be hiring can implement and adapt the system, as well as recommend training for out customers and employees.

Advantages for our system

– Several advantages exist in our handling of this system, most notably we have the ability to control our system and wont be saddled with commitments to a system designer. – We will be responsible for hiring employees that can best suit our system needs as opposed to hiring a firm to design a system or the price tag associated with an of the shelf system we have no control over. – Although the cost associated with this bespoke system will be affordable, it will take time to develop as we hire the employees and start he design process. Despite this we will own every step and can make changes in the Interim.

Five-Step Marketing Research Approach

Software design cycle

Five-Step Marketing Research Approach

Custom software developers vs prewritten packages.

– Custom software developers are a viable option, they don’t fit our needs but they are a viable option as they can take all of a company needs and design something for them at a fee. – Prewritten software packages or off the shelf packages are pre made software that can be plugged into systems and are cost efficient options. – custom software down allow a company to maintain the design, they are made for the customer. Pre-written software don’t allow any change and require a large amount of tailoring to fit the company needs.

Five-Step Marketing Research Approach

Selecting off the shelf software

– Selecting off the shelf software comes down to cost and need. The cost of the software should fit the company budget and the needs of the software and what it must do. – If cost is not an issue, having a system designed would be effective, also if the system should just be straight forward it would make sense to have an outside party design it. – prewritten packages are as mentioned very cost effective, the ease of use must be simple as changing the system could result in system defects and issues. They are also design for quick install, but not for tailoring as mentioned.

Five-Step Marketing Research Approach

Comparing bidders

– Comparing bidders depends on what the companies that are bidding for the contract can do. – The reliability of the system is a high priority as is cost. – When comparing the proposals make sure the bidding companies have a history of producing a product that is similar to the needs you have in your own company. – The lowest cost isn’t always the best route due to quick and easy being a decision that consul result in system defects that would disrupt sales and company reliability. – Just building the system for any cost could also result in a dip in profit margin due to the large emphasis In just making the system and also require a large amount of tailoring.

Five-Step Marketing Research Approach

Contract bidding steps.

Five-Step Marketing Research Approach


-A bespoke system is what our companies needs to adapt for a software system. We employee the system analyst and the IT personnel to best fit our needs. – Off the shelf options aren’t viable due to the tailor that maybe done and the contracts we would be looking at in order to deploy the system. We would have no control over it. – Pre written software although easy and quick, are not cost effective and would saddle us to the company we deal with due to not having the IT staff.

Five-Step Marketing Research Approach


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