Applying Internet Systems Technologies

Applying Internet Systems Technologies BSA/375 Comparison Parameters Java Python Ruby Introduction Developed by Sun Systems in 1994 Originally designed to be highly readable and use English keywords instead of proper grammar. Designed by Guido van Rossum Released in 1995 by Yukihiro Matsumoto and is among the earliest developed systems. Applications HTML and CSS are the […]

Systems Development Life Cycle Presentation

Systems Development Life Cycle Presentation BSA/375 Five-Step Marketing Research Approach Hiring a System analyst – System analyst are college educated persons with the ability to design a system that can fit our needs the best. – System analysts will also provide more stability then a contractor as they can integrate with existing employees to conduct

Software Training and Support

University of Phoenix Software as a service (SaaS) technology is available, vendors now offer the option to host their software on their own servers and provide cloud computing technology to their consumers via the internet. The vendor usually takes care of the technical aspects of managing the software; ensuring that it’s up to date and

Internet Systems Technologies

University of Phoenix Majority of the new systems today are being developed with a focus on cloud-based applications. The internet can be used to deliver internal organizational systems, business to business systems, or business to consumer systems. The rapid migration to Internet-based systems should not be a surprise; as it is motivated by the desire

Process Modeling

University of Phoenix Imagine this for a moment, you walk into a medical practice. What is the first thing you notice? If it’s a private office, you may see a couple of patients waiting in line to speak with the receptionist to assist with the check-in process. If it’s a community clinic or hospital you

Information Gathering Techniques

Information Gathering Techniques BSA/375 Information Gathering Techniques Senior Employee Interview Questions Which IT System(s) do you feel are the biggest opportunity for improvement? Select one or many. Point of Sale Inventory Branch Manager Computer Accounting Other (please specify): What is the largest pain point for the system you specified? Which IT System(s) do you feel

Testing and Installation – Final PowerPoint Presentation

SOFTWARE TESTING & INSTALLATION BSA / 375 | Group 4University of Phoenix INTRO! Why is software installation & testing important?As a team we will list and explain the different methods of software installation, testing, and our preferred software installation approach. 2 Software Installation Methods Direct – Changing over to a new one by turning off

Team: Section 508 Compliance PowerPoint Presentation

Section 508 Compliance Group 4BSA/375Aron Kuppersmith Introduction In this presentation we will: Discuss Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973List the technical requirements placed on software and web-based applications. 2 Rehabilitation Act of 1973 IT Accessibility Laws and Policies Section 508 Policy This act states that the U.S. Access Board is responsible for developing

Designing Business Forms – PowerPoint Presentation

Designing Business Forms Intro! I will be discussing the following:The importance of business formsHow they are used to collect structured data & other important informationThe importance of collecting, analyzing and reviewing form data 2 We live in a world of change. Business processes change. Procedures change. Keeping up with all this change can challenge even

Agile Principles – PowerPoint Presentation

AGILE PRINCIPLES BSA/375 – Business Systems Development University of Phoenix HELLO! In this presentation we’ll discuss:Agile vs Waterfall methodologiesAgile points of praise & criticismEffectiveness of the Agile Methodology 2 WATERFALL METHODOLOGY Gather and document requirements Design Code and unit test Perform system testing Perform user acceptance testing (UAT) Fix any issues Deliver the finished product

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