Personality Trait Paper

Personality Traits

Autumn Shreve

Creativity and Communications/BSCOM 435

February 5, 2018

Shannon Sorenson

Personality Traits

I have never really paid attention to what kind of creative personality traits I would have. I have always considered myself as a creative person due to all the crafty things that I do. I have discovered that it is so much more. There have been so many discoveries made about creativity whether it is through science or art. I am a social butterfly who can be very independent at times depending on how I feel. Some of my personality traits are empathy, strong-willed, open-minded and unique.

Creativity in the Arts

I would be one of those people who would be grouped with individuals who are strong in the arts. I do not see myself as one of those antisocial people that Feist was discussing in the text. I am a social butterfly who like to be able to keep my mind open to new adventures. I find myself working to come up with the best when I am creating items or coming up with other ideas. The text stated that “artists supported several different stereotypes that our society hold (Weisberg, 2006).” This makes me believe that even though you do not always see those creative people every day, they are hidden right under our noses.

Cause and effect can also have a huge effect on the personality, but they would need to be linked together to make an impact on the personality. I think that a lot of the time, I do not realize how what I do daily can affect what I am doing and the ideas that I come up with. In the text it states that “cause must be found where the effect occurs (Weisberg, 2006)”, to me this means that the cause and effect that can help determine the personality traits of the person. For me, my family has always been creative, and they have been the cause for my creativity, I learned a lot of the creative aspects of my life from multiple women in my family.

Developing My Creative Personality Traits

My creative personality traits are something that I must work on regularly. I like to take time to relax and work on my projects. With this I would need to keep an open mind, this will give me the opportunity to try new projects and keep me dreaming of bigger things. I would also say that it would be good to make sure that I watch what is going on around me so that I can observe things in a different manner. One of the most difficult things for me is turning the obstacles I have around to something that will help me, by doing this thing will not seem so bad. When turning my obstacles into something positive I will be able to keep being who I am and create a more positive outlook. One strategy that I would really like to use is to seek out new experiences, sensations and ways of thinking, by doing this I will be able to have a new outlook on my life and it will build up my traits.


Whether a person is creative through science or art, it does not matter. Individuals have a lot of the same types of personality traits that make them who they are. Many people have studies people’s personality traits and their creativity and have not agreed. Based off the information I have read and the studying I have done a person had the opportunity to be creative as well as develop their personality traits. I am an individual who would consider my traits to make be who I am. I am open to developing who I am and make myself better. By following my passion, I will be able to develop me and my creativity.


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Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database

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