The Nature of Creativity

The Nature of Creativity

Autumn Shreve

Creativity and Communications/ BSCOM 435

January 22, 2018

Shannon Sorenson

Nature of Creativity

So many things can help with the creative process as well as in the everyday life. I am one of those people who would consider myself a creative individual. I volunteer regularly within the community. I plan quite a few fundraising events for multiple non-profit organizations. This gives me the opportunity to have a creative outlet that I may not have a chance normally.

The Process

There are multiple steps that I take when it comes to my creative process. It takes a lot of time and planning to create a successful fundraising event. The first step that I would take would be to find a group of people who would help as my committee. These people should be people who are willing to step in and help when needed and who I can trust to communicate with me as well. Bringing a group of different people together give the capability to have different points of view and they can collaborate the ideas together. A lot of the time I have used some of my closest friends together to be the committee. By doing this it keeps the event fun as well as successful.

When I get all these people together the next part is a big start to the process, it’s the brainstorming or planning time. I love this part of it. When brainstorming I tend to carry around a small notepad and post it notes. During the planning process I take multiple notes of ideas that I have thought of while out and about. I tend to be one that changes my mind multiple times before nailing down the right theme or idea for the party.

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