BSHS 485 Week 4 Developing A Coalition

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Developing a Coalition

Learning Team ABSHS 485



Community Tobacco Control ProgramSteps to identify barriers of developing a coalitionReflect and discuss barriersConsider approaches to overcome barriers



Our community needs assessment determines YES on establishing a tobacco control program!Developing a coalition is a vital step, but barriers and obstacles exist.Establish a common goalsIdentify barriers and approaches to overcome themCreate a plan of action using data from community needs assessment


Steps to Identifying Barriers

Keep documentation on historical & current outcomes: What has worked or not worked? Success or unsuccessful?Are those factors applicable now?

Value time: Avoid repeating mistakes Use relevant dataRealize: Low-income communities have less resourcesFailure to act-long term planning, needs assessments before anything happensIdentify the population and appropriate need



Funding and securing fundingCompetition among coalition membersDisagreements among coalition membersTrust – Gaining and maintaining trust


Barriers (continued)

Government – legal boundaries ( laws/regulations)Conditions: living conditions, environmental conditions, meeting for things you need, finding the right people to help. Personal barriers: poverty, religion, family concerns, lack of education and basic skills, lack of job or job skills.


Approaches to Overcome Barriers

Creating rules, implementing lawsPrevention through Education and AdvocacyOpen communicationGroup and Public DiscussionJoint efforts, create support systemKeep proper documentation on research and meetings 

Awareness of self-interest of all the parties involve.Determining what efforts occurred in the past to build cooperationThe coalition must be able to demonstrate a commitment to action.



Developing a coalition has challenges but is well worth the effort.Common goalsFluid communication Open-minded members who are open to ideas and needs of othersRealization and respect for mutual goalsthat are short and into the future



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