BUS 302 Week 4 Discussion

Week 4 Discussion

Part 1: Post a Response

Think about the last event you had to plan for either work or in your personal life. Did you have a process? How did having or not having a process impact the outcome of the event?

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! This is a great topic for me. I love to plan things. It takes a lot of work to get everything done, but worth all the effort.

I have a very specific process for planning something such as an event. The first thing I do is sit down and write out anything that needs to be done and any ideas that come into my thoughts. Similar to writing a paper. There doesn’t need to be any organization in this step, just get everything down. Once that is done, I organize everything that needs to be done into steps, and I organize all my ideas into themes. I do a little research on the themes to help me pick one. Once that is done, I start breaking down my steps into small goals. Example: Finding a venue, food for the event, and decorations, etc. Then I start working on a budget. Once I have a budget in place, I work through my small goals until everything is complete. There are always hiccups in any event, but I try to roll with the punches and stick to my plan as much as I can. Without the plan, I believe my events would fall apart. I wouldn’t know how I could move things along should something go wrong during an event. After searching through a few websites on event planning, I think the only thing I could add to my planning is using resources and connections I already have. Every time I plan an event, I tend to start from scratch. What I never realize is that I can build off of events I have already planned to make a new event even better!