Administrator Job Description

Administrator Job Description

BUS 303

1. Job Summary:

The Administrator establishes and directs the overall operation of the institution’s activities both internal and external, in order to provide excellent care to facility residents. The Administrator coordinates these activities to ensure compliance with established standards. The Administrator promotes facility public relations, arranges and obtains transfer and working agreements with other health care facilities, as well as other health care professionals providing care or consultation to facility residents.

2. Responsibilities:

A) Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of operation of the institution.

Directly responsible for the direction, coordination and supervision of all activities.

b) Is responsible for compliance with federal, state and local regulations and standards for nursing home operation.

c) Responsible for maintenance of building, grounds and equipment.


D) Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of an accounting system and financial policies adequate to meet operating costs.

E) Is responsible for establishment and maintenance of personnel policies, as well as departmental job descriptions, policies and procedures.

F) Responsible for maintenance of good personnel relations and employee morale.

g) Responsible for interpretation of the institution’s philosophy and all facility policies and procedures to staff, residents, health care professionals utilizing the facility, regulatory agencies and other concerned parties.

H) Is responsible for setting the tone and atmosphere of the nursing institution.

I) represents the institution in all external relationships. J) Responsible for promoting facility public relations.

k) Directly responsible to the Governing Board of the institution reporting regularly on the operation of the facility and keeping them aware and advised of any and all facts and changes in facility operation.

L) Responsible to protect and safeguard all assets of the organization.

2. Responsibilities: (continued)

M) Is responsible to treat all information regarding business, staff and residents as privileged.

3. Job Controls:

a) Education and experience:

1) Bachelor’s degree in business administration, health care facility administration (nursing administration), etc., preferred.

2) The Administrator, appointed by the Governing Board, shall be at least 21 years of age, capable of making mature judgments and have no physical

Or mental disturbances which interfere with carrying out the responsibilities of administration.

3) Shall have a current State of Washington Nursing Home Administrators license. .

4) Must be continually participating in advanced training in nursing home administration and related fields through continuing education, seminars, management and personnel graduate study, etc.

5) Previous experience in a supervisory capacity in a hospital, nursing home or other health care facility is required.

b) Skills, knowledge and abilities:

1) Sound knowledge of personnel administration is essential.

2) Knowledge of nursing and medical practices and procedures, laws pertaining to nursing home ‘operation is required.

3) Must have the ability to deal with and supervise professional and

Non-professional personnel.

4) Must have a working knowledge of local economic conditions and the ability to adjust the cost of facility operation to meet community ability to pay for services.

5) Must have the ability to make independent decisions.

6) Must have the ability to keep abreast of changes in the long-term care field.

c) Working conditions:

1) Working in modem, well-lighted, well-ventilated rooms and halls.

2) Sits, stands and walks intermittently during work day.

3) Subject to frequent interruptions.

4) Deals with public, personnel and residents under all conditions.

5) Travels to and participates in continuing education, seminars, etc., related to long-term care.

6) Expected to work beyond normal working hours when necessary.

3. Job Controls: (continued)

c) Working conditions: (continued)

7) Involved in community relations, public relations, national and state long-term care professional organizations, other agencies and programs, i.e., continuing education for staff in long-term care, etc.

4. Job Duties:a) Establishes policies pertaining to total resident care, personnel, medical staff,  
  financial status, public relations, maintenance of building and grounds, under  
  broad directives from Governing Board. Explains such policies to staff and other  
  concerned parties. Reviews compliance with established policies by personnel !
  and medical staff. Periodically evaluates, reviews policies conferring with those  
  involved and makes changes as found necessary. Prepares job descriptions,  
  policies and procedures for all departments.  

b) The Administrator shall conduct the administration of the facility in a practical, businesslike and ethical manner.

c) Reviews and maintains compliance of institution with national, state and local standards for nursing home operation.

d) Directs in compiling of all information required by federal, state and local agencies.

e) Selects competent personnel to supervise activities of major departments. Meets with department heads at regular intervals. Coordinates all departments to ensure that the total residents’ needs are met in the most effective manner. Conducts in­ service and administrative staff meetings. Receives advice from major department heads on matters pertaining to department operation and external relationships. Reviews and frequently checks competence of work force and efficiency of facility operation. Assists personnel in establishing home-like atmosphere. Guides and directs all personnel, making them aware of their responsibilities.

f) Regularly checks financial status of nursing home. Maintains efficient accounting system to meet needs of the institution. Directs that projected budgets be prepared and changes in fee schedules be made to ensure coverage of cost of operation.

g) Evaluates problems as they arise and provides solutions. Meets any and all situations as they arise.

4. Job Duties: (continued)

h) Maintains liaison with community hospitals and other health care facilities in the community and coordinates with their services through transfer and working agreements.

I) represents the institution in dealings with outside agencies including governmental, legal, social, etc.

j) Represents the institution at top level meetings and institutes sponsored by professional, organizations, continuing education in long-term care, etc. Participates in professional committee meetings.

k) Reviews physical condition of nursing home. Directs repairs and new construction programs, within the financial capabilities of the facility.

l)Authorizes purchases of major equipment and supplies.

m) Regularly reports to the Governing Board, keeping them advised of all facts concerning facility operation and any changes relating to same.

n) Shall perform other duties related to the organization’s operation as directed by the Governing Board.