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HR Management

Sexual Harassment is almost the number topic today. Incidents all over the world are being show cased on social media, news outlets, and everywhere you can think of. There is even a new movement called “ME TOO” sweeping across the globe. We do not think about it much until it happens in our back yard. On many occasions we do not recognize the different forms of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can be a sexual request, verbal or physical harassment of sexual nature. In response for our employees to understand and recognize this is not a tolerable action, we will attempt to educate our employees on the company appropriate actions in the workplace through the following scenario.

Employee Report of Incident

Jill an employee of HMS came in visibly upset because of a male co-worker’s actions of repeatedly asking her out on dates after she has clearly stated she has no interest in going out with him. She feels this is creating a hostile work environment.

HR response to claim

It is the desire of the company to create an atmosphere where everyone understands what appropriate behavior in the workplace is. Our company does not tolerate sexual harassment in any form. We look to educate our employees by providing guidelines and resources to help them understand what is considered inappropriate. Basically, we want to touch base with you on what type of things John is saying to you. He may not understand it is making you uncomfortable or that is creating this type of environment. Our protocol states Sexual Harassment include unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of sexual nature. We just need to know which of things are involved to make a good determination on the measures that need to take place next We will formulate an investigation of the incidents that you have bought to our attention and address any findings from the investigation. It normally takes two to three weeks to complete our investigation and you will receive a notification when it has concluded. Please understand we may not be at liberty to give details of outcome, but let you know it has been addressed. If you still have concerns or the outcome did not improve your environment, we will be open to additional conversations with you.

Male co-worker conversation

John an employee of HMS is really interested in Jill and has been persistent in asking her out. He is unaware is persistence is making Jill uncomfortable. He just really likes Jill and doesn’t want to give up on getting a date with her.

HR response to defendant of claim

In the best interest of our company, we like to educate our employee’s on appropriate behavior in the workplace. We realize that everyone may not recognize what is unacceptable behavior or unwarranted advances. Recently there was an indication bought to our attention that you made repeated request to another female co-worker about going out on a date. These request were unwanted and creating a hostile environment for them. We would like to make sure you understand our policies and can see how this can be interpreted in this matter. Can you first share with us your side of the story for us to better assist you on getting this resolved? We would like to make you aware depending on the circumstances and the outcome of our investigation, this could result in several outcomes; including termination of employment

We consider this a serious matter for all and would like to resolve in the best matter for all. There are other outcomes less impactful depending on our findings.