What Makes Apple the Best Place to Work and Why

What Makes Apple the Best Place to Work and Why?

BUS 322: Occupational Behavior

When you think of Steve Jobs, you think of Apple Inc. It seems everywhere you go you see Apple’s silver symbol. Not only has this company super-exceeded their goals, but Steve had a vision, and that vision was to have the best computer company in the world. There are 500 Apple stores worldwide, and they make a point to tailor each store to its geographic area. Here is one reason why I would want to work for this company if you accommodate your customers this way, I know Apple will provide for their employees the same by making sure they have what is needed.

Apple has been a consistent brand since they have been founded, April 1, 1976, by the great Steve Jobs and Roz and Won Wayne. Apple has always been a competitive company from day one, competing with Microsoft and now they are still competitors, but now they are global with it. They are global just as McDonald’s golden arches. Now this company is one of the most successful companies in the world, and they are worth $700 billion according to Forbes.

The US has been established on government rules whereas communist totalitarian political views are rooted in China. But, Apple has invested billions of dollars for cost-effective production plants with Foxconn in China. In 2016, Apple launched a development office in Hyderabad, India growing market-based and the mixed economy, democracy, a blend of individualism and collectivism for the Apple Maps division. (Apple.com, 2017) Apple has an extensive global market place not just with China and India. They in UK, France, Brazil, India,

China, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Sweden, and so many other countries. With a company like this, I would want to work for them, because that tells me they have longevity and I want to be with a company I can grow with.

Apple has also taken the time to hire more women now than before, and be being a woman, that a big plus for me. Female representation is firmly increasing, and Apple said they are proud of the progress they are making. For example, 36 percent of their employees under 30 are women. That’s an increase of 5 percentage points since 2014 (Apple.com, 2017). Apple also has more minorities, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ individuals. For me this great! This company is prejudice and will hire all individuals no matter the race or creed. Apple has been partnered with different organizations like: National Center for women, historically black colleges and Universities and ConnectED, these are a few, and there are lots of more. A company that has great diversity is where I want to be as a minority that means a lot to me.

Apple has solid moral values, principles, and standards for their business. Apple Company demands total honesty and is perform in moral action while doing business dealings. Apple hopes its employees avoid situations where a conflict of interest might occur or seem to happen. Apple had some issues in China a few years ago about their product line and a few years ago year; Apple stated that it had hired an outside company to investigate charges of forced overtime, child labor, and other poor working conditions at the Chinese factories that make a lot of Apple’s IPad, (A. Bobrow-Strain).

With a company going over and beyond to check and make sure everyone is being treated fairly

I would work for a company like this, because I know it will be treated fairly. And I can feel comfortable knowing my company has my back.

Apple has been an exceptional influence on many businesses. Macintosh Apple has so many influences on many companies that we see every day. Apple strives on being innovative, growing every year making themselves better and more prominent. You have Sprint, AT&T, and Samsung to name a few. These companies all have the same policy and procedures as Apple. Strive to be better every year, while they are doing that; they are competing against their competitors to be better than them or being more innovative than the competition. Every day we see how these companies come out with new phones, electronics, and appliances.

We spend money each year to buy these new devices and sometimes to keep up on the latest technology. That comes from the innovation of Apple. Steve Jobs had a brilliant mind, and he showed it every year he came up with something better than the last year. With is brilliance and strategies, that made other companies copy what he was doing, soon you saw Samsung come out with the phones, but they have multiple smartphones like note, galaxy, tablets, and smartwatches, just like Apple.

Apple values diverse marketplaces in all aspects. Instead of relying on large financial institutions Apple actively explores financial organizations owned by minorities, women, and Veterans to share their investors. They are allowing Apple to grow, and in return, the investors

that have a return on their investment. Also, Apple review the pay employees receive and make changes where necessary to ensure that Apple maintains pay equity. It’s part of Apple promise to pay employees the correct rate of pay for their experience. They have also stopped asking what applicants pay history is (T. Henderson). I think some strategies that should be implemented are, working with needy co-workers and overbearing supervisors. Consider opportunities for advancement and growth offered by sponsors of the company, with schools to introduce the company’s experience; I also think helping young people build self-esteem, and educate on the benefits of diversity will help too. Various colleges and high schools embrace this type of intercommunication. Helping the younger generation prepare for their future.




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