322 WEEK 6 “Leadership”  Please respond to the following: Watch the video from Karl McDonnell, CEO of Strayer University, titled “What is Your Biggest Challenge as a Leader?” Discuss what challenges leaders face today that are different from 30 years ago.

Today leaders face challenges with unhappy employees having more rights than they did thirty years ago. Boycotts and lawsuits are more prevalent today. Confidentiality breeches due to computer hackings is a hindrance for company leaders. Also, leaders of today’s companies now compete with a larger job market causing additional challenges than thirty years ago.

COMMENT: Leaders will always have to deal with ever changing technology, globalization, and new generations of workers in the workforce. Creating a culture of respect within the workforce begins with the leaders. Leaders must motivate and encourage employees working toward common goals. Leaders have to update policies and motivate the organization to deliver innovative and relevant products while meeting customers’ needs.