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Job Description

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Job Description


Job descriptions are used by employers to provide details about duties, tasks, and responsibilities entailed in a given position. Experts assert that a job description is an essential component because it allows an organization to create job posting as well as performance goals (Mayhew, 2019). It also allows the management to develop training plans for employees. As such, this assignment aims at improving the understanding of critical components of a job description and its relation to the human resource management process and acquisition of talent in firms.

Job Description importance management

A job description is an essential aspect of management because the HR department carries out recruitment and selection of employees that suits the needs of an organization for effective performance and attaining of goals and objectives. Recruitment and selection are essential functions of the HR department and part of this process entails having a job description and analysis that allows the management to plan its manpower and human resource needs (Tyler, 2013). The implication is that a job description offers the HR department the opportunity to seek human resource that meets the needs of an organization. For instance, an up-to-date job description can be used by the management; especially the HR department, for recruitment and selection of the right personnel.

The management can utilize a job description as an important component it is performance management as well as compensation of the employees. Experts in the HR profession posit that a job description is an indispensable part and foundation of all HR procedure; right from recruitment to performance as well as compensation. A job description enables the management to track changes and incorporate best practices in employment and recruitment processes as well as requisite legal frameworks in relation to the requirements set by federal and state agencies dealing with human resource and labor relations (Chungyalpa & Karishma, 2016). Like a job analysis, a job description that is up-to-date is an essential aspect of demonstrating best practices by a firm or organization in their respective industry and marketplace so that they can attract and retain a talented pool of employees.

Aspects of Job Description and contribution to performance management

A job description consists of core areas that include tasks, tools, and technology, skills, knowledge, and abilities, as well as education requirement. Tasks are essential because they outline the critical duties and responsibilities that an occupant of a certain job should perform. It is based on the performance of these tasks that an organization develops its key performance indicators (KPIs). Knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) are essential because they demonstrate that a person meets the expected competencies and attitudes as well as training to execute their functions and perform as anticipated (Chungyalpa & Karishma, 2016). It is based on these abilities that an organization assesses if an individual employee has the capability to perform and meet the required performance metrics.

Tools and technology imply that the employee understands the instruments as well as requisite technology that will allow them to execute their tasks and meet organizational requirements. The implication is that without the right technology and tools, an employee may not fit a job description and thus be hindered from effective performance. Lastly, education requirements are important in assessing the kind of knowledge and perspective that an employee possesses so that the organization develops a performance system which meets the minimum standards but seeks to attain the best practices in its marketplace and industry.

Legal Elements of a Job Description in relation to EEOC requirements

Job description are not required legally but are essential for an organization to attain compliance with labor as well as employment statutes at different levels of government. A job description must ensure that employees access the legal benefits and other inherent legal compliances by the EEOC (EEOC, 2019). The federal agency requires job descriptions to comply with existing legal regulations in employment and labor relations. For instance, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requires job descriptions to adhere to benefit and compensation provisions and provisions for accommodations so that organizations do not entrench discriminatory practices when hiring (EEOC, 2019). For example, the EEOC mandates organizations to ensure that applicants for jobs are not subjected to any form of discrimination based on any aspect of law.

Assessment Methods in Recruitment of qualified candidates

The two assessment approaches used when recruiting candidates qualified for work include testing and conducting interviews. These two approaches are suitable since they provide a direct way of assessing potential candidates based on their experience, technical skills, as well as knowledge about their advertised position. These models enable a hiring manager to determine if the candidates are a perfect fit for their respective positions and the workplace environment.

The objectives of most organizations include attaining optimal performance and skills enhancement for their employees so that they can perform and meet organizational goals in the long term (Mayhew, 2019). Therefore, through interviews and testing, the organizations can assess the ability of the candidates to produce better results through performance. For instance, aptitude tests and achievement tests are utilized by many employers in many instances.


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