New Hires

New Hires

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New Hires

Our company is recruiting for a customer service assistant, and two production line personnel. We will be using the same five resources to fill the positions.

The positions will be placed on our company job board for internal employees to be able to apply first. The position will be limited to internal for seven days. After this period has expired, we will post the jobs externally if not qualified applicant is found. This gives opportunity for promotion or just change of venue for someone that may be a production line person, but now has gained customer service skills training by communicating with outside vendors or a customer service person who finds they are more comfortable in a production atmosphere because their past work experience was in that area.

The positions will next be placed on the company website for external applicants to apply for the positions available. This will give those interested in being part of our company to review information on our company and submit their information electronically.

We will post our openings at the unemployed commission to seek those who are ready to re-enter the work arena. It also allows this agency to pre-screen for qualified candidates for us.

Our company will use social media to spread the news about potential employee opportunities with our company with a link to our website for those interested to apply.

Lastly, will hold a job fair at our company in which we will on the spot interviews. This will give the opportunity for those who are seeking these types of positions to come speak face to face with us.

The positions are very different but the method to fill them doesnโ€™t have to be. We will be able to reach a large audience and maximize our efforts by using the methods above. It will allow us to feed the positions in a timely and effective manner.

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