The Aha Behind Intezyne

The Aha Behind Intezyne

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Discussion Questions: Knowing

A minimal viable product contains just enough attributes to aid in gathering information about the product and its further development. Create an ultimate guide to building a minimal viable product. What tips would you include? A minimum viable product needs to fulfill a need of your target customers or solve a problem they face. Rather than developing your entire product first, possibly wasting your time creating something people don’t want, you should build an MVP. In order for you to build an MVP, you need to first develop your vision for the startup if you haven’t already. Moreover, when you are developing the vision for the full version of your product, you need to write it all down in an outline format. When you do this in detail, it’s called a functional specification, and its primary use is for developing a product.

Reuben was able to validate his business idea by First, assessing whether other schools faced similar issues. He found out that student engagement data were being directly identified by other institutions as a critical driver of one of their most important institutional metrics, student retention.

Application Questions: Doing

Think of a time you successfully tested a solution. Identify the steps you completed to make this happen. What content from this chapter might enhance the process steps you identified? Mastering the art of making mistakes. ? Figuring out how to load the dispenser required a lot of trail and error. Unlike the thin sheets that are normally stored in this tub my plastic bags are thicker and are not one solid piece. How is your system similar to the system Pressman applied? I don’t believe that my system is exactly similar. My issue is more of a physical constraint while Pressman’s is a missing component.

Criteria are standards that are used to evaluate ideas. What criteria did you use to determine which school would be the best for your formal education? I first had to evaluate what I needed out from a school. Then I searched for schools that held all if not most of those characteristics. I then looked at the expected cost and time necessary to get my end result. What did the school say or do that influenced you? The school made itself appear to be easy to work with, and it was initially but has made changes both financially and academically that have caused me to question my initial decision.

Thinking Ahead: Being

Reuben Pressman’s success was attributed to his mindset. As you reflect on this case study, what mindset contributed to Pressman’s success? I think his initial mindset what out of necessity and it grew to be bigger as he considered that he would most likely not be the only one with this problem. How is that similar and dissimilar to yours? It is very similar to my mindset. I was tired of my husband bringing home more bags because he never keep any in hid car, because he said it made his car look messy. I could not disagree with him so I tried to find a way to neatly store the bags that would also be readily available, so he would merely have to grab and go. How might you find ways to further develop the mindset in the areas that do not come naturally to you? I am thinking that maybe there could be some guide on how to properly wrap the bags to that they dispense easier much like garbage bags that are on a roll.


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