Organizational Interventions

Organizational Interventions

BUS 370 Organizational Development

Organizational Interventions

Organizational development interventions take place when action is taken in regard to solving an issue. The issue is diagnosed in the planning or discovery phase. This is where the OD consultant and the client collect data, analyze and present the findings . A part of this discovery process is determining whether the issue will require an individual intervention, a group intervention or an organizational level intervention. We are going to look at two of the three types of interventions used by corporations and the issues they address; we will also compare and contrast the two types of interventions.

Two Types of Interventions Used by Corporations and the Issues They Address

Before we go into detail on the specifics of each type of intervention, it is important to break down exactly what an intervention is. To simplify it, it is a series of planned actions or events that are produced to help an organization increase effectiveness. There are three very specific criteria that must be met to produce a successful intervention. First, it must meet the needs of the organization. Second, it needs to educate and create awareness of intended outcomes. Third, it needs to transfer enthusiasm and the competence for the work place to take action . Interventions are typically decided during the discovery phase, which is the first phase in the action research model. Action is takin and the intervention is implemented in phase two. Phase three is evaluating and checking the progress .

Individual Intervention

Individual intervention would be used for many different categories, such as learning and development, leadership or management development, assessment, career development and job development. The types of interventions necessary for these categories vary. Reflective practice, laboratory training (T-group), action learning, coaching, responsibility charting, and policies are all interventions that may be appropriate for these types of categories . This intervention would be used when an individual is failing to meet their true potential or maybe lack the guidance necessary to truly excel.

Group Intervention

Group intervention focuses more on teams. More specifically, communication and dialogue, team start ups and transitions, team building and team learning. This helps develop cultural awareness through cross cultural development, conflict resolution and managing confrontation, and problem-solving skills which increase the quality of work life . This intervention would be used when a team is failing to work together, getting in each other’s way and playing the crap in a bucket game, where everyone is pulling each other down in an attempt to get to the top.

Compares and Contrasts the Interventions

Organizational interventions typically take place when organizations want to identify and implement change to improve performance or to improve employee psychological health and well-being . Both individual intervention and group intervention exist to identify opportunity and provide solutions towards improvement. While both focus on change management and creating positive results, they are implemented in vary different ways. Individual intervention is focused more on self-reflection and awareness, the solution or intervention varies by the need of each individual. The process or plan and the goal or desired outcome is very specific to what the individual is ultimately trying to achieve. Group intervention is more fluid and isn’t focused on individual need, the goal is to create comradery and team work. This is achieved through team activity and communication. The goal is to bring everyone together as a developed cohesive unit.


Organizational interventions are about learning and development. How to manage and thrive through whatever obstacles are thrown our way. It is about improving in ways that make individuals, groups, and organizations more capable of managing through change in the future . We discussed two of the three types of interventions used by corporations and the issues they address; we will also compare and contrast these two types of interventions to better understand how and when they are utilized.

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