BUS 402 Week 3 Journal- Mission Statements

Week 3 Journal: Mission Statements

BUS 402: Strategic Management and Business Policy

State how the mission statement provides guidance for the company’s organizational activities.

Hewlett Packard “largely shunned visions and mission statements. They preferred instead contributions from individuals at all levels of the organization— certainly in products and services, but also in policies, processes, and infrastructure” (House & Price, 2009, p. 3), therefore by there being no mission statement, guidance for the company’s organizational activities were handled by giving control to individuals who could bring about change.

Evaluate the company’s mission statement per each of the four questions posed in the Hull article as well as your assigned readings for the week.

What do we do?

How do we do it?

  • Hewlett Packard produces major products and services such as servers, storage solutions, networking solutions, Big data analytics and applications, Enterprise security, Application testing and delivery management, consulting services, support services and so many more services.

Whom do we do it for?

  • Hewlett Packard do what they do by backing “mavericks” that demonstrates positive results.

What value are we bringing?

  • For consumers and with newer technology, “our mission is to create technologies that improve our quality of life, including powering technologies for the healthcare industry to deliver targeted treatments and save lives” (Goh, 2018, para.

“Trust and respect for individuals.

Focus on a high level of achievement and contribution.

Uncompromising integrity.

Achieve our common objectives through teamwork.

Encourage flexibility and innovation” (Stanier, 2018, para. 17)

Rate the company according to the 5star rating system used in the Fortune 500 list, stating how many stars would you rate the mission statement. Explain your rationale.

Hewlett Packard does not have a mission statement but believe in allowing the contributions from individuals at all levels of the organization to help them succeed.

Rewrite the mission statement so that it better addresses the four questions and forms a complete mission statement.

Hewlett Packard believes that every employee has the opportunity to achieve greatness and will be provided that opportunity. HP shows trust and respect for all, focuses on high level of achievement and contributions as well as uncompromising integrity from everyone.


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