Quick Trip Case Study

Assignment 1: Quick Trip Case Study



Quick Trip was founded in 1958, by childhood friends Chester Cadieux and Burt Holmes in Tulsa Oklahoma. Quick Trip Corporation owns and operates several gas stations. They also own three hundred and twenty-five convenience stores in the central and southwestern in the USA area.

Chet Cadieux and Chester’s son currently operate quick Trip as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Quick Trip also has a variety of food and beverages, like frozen treats, soft drinks, sandwiches, and all kinds of pizza. They have all types of gasoline, such as diesel, truck diesel, and no ethanol fuels. Quick Trip relies on excellent customer service to their customers with technology, and the outstanding performance and connection with customers (Harvard Business School, 2011).

Quick Trip operations strategy and explain how the organization seeks to gain a competitive advantage in terms of sustainability.

Quick trip strategy is straightforward, keep employees happy, and when that is the case, customers will always be satisfied. Quick Trip corporations focus directly on their employees. They invest massively in their employees and their work ethics. With all the investing, they expect excellence in every aspect of leadership. Quick trip depends massively on rapid and massive turnover so they can have a high profit on the stores. So, in other words, the faster and more productive the employees, the more profit it turns for the business. Chet knew this because he wanted to improve client conversion. He focuses on employee motivation and more solid

recruitment strategies. The thing is to have had development programs a take hold of opportunities that approach; this addresses any challenges that may occur in the Operations Management.

The pay is excellent; they promote within the company, which is a plus. Policies and sales, along with an evaluation of performance, are taken very seriously in the company because they feel if they invest in you, they should get a return in that investment. When they hire, they look at retail experience and level of education. Quick trip hires at least 50% of the regional people in that area. It targets the area with high economic and community growth like in the south. Again, there moto is keeping employees happy (2011, Pg.9).

How operation management activities affect the customer experience.

When it comes to Operation Management, you have to make sure everything is in order. You have to have useful customer experience and customer sustainability. The process of Operations Management impacts the whole company if not carried out correctly. Quick Trip’s Operation Management actions defined the level of quality of its services on the customer’s view. Production methods and service performance control the operations activities. Engagement opportunities, ad expectations, and the quality of them are at a high rate. Quick Trip relies on giving customers unprecedented experiences and service improvement. These two things are necessary for building and managing information that regulates the customer’s ability to access the stores or even getting information about the company. So, to sum it up, proper planning of operations and staff empowerment represents the customer’s purchasing habits and level of its customer’s experience.

Now Quick Trip has served over millions of customers; many market changes were resulting from operations management systems all over the chain of stores. The challenges they had were technological systems and globalization. These two issues are forcing most companies to change their strategic alternatives goals toward stainabilities and competing advantages by employing adaptable technological advances and methods of operations.

Quick Trip value chain and evaluate its effectiveness to operations:

When you think of a value chain for a business, it’s the entails of structure or a system developing down the chain. The framework extends from natural materials to the consumers and important necessary activities to improve the perception of cost management and differentiation of resources. Also, Quick Trip value chain projects include many methods varying from quick trip kitchens, preparing and delivering foods, labeling foods, and drinks.

Executives also meet with a wide range of gasoline specialists, and this allows options provided to each store, the focus on raw materials transformed into products that offer resolutions to customers’ needs. But their products are more in cost, because of all the extra work put into the production line. This will allow the company to earn a significant profit from the value it generates to the clients and investors, the purpose of the necessary actions of value chain management. Like, taking natural materials and conveying them into goods and services, delivering them to clients so they can satisfy the needs of the customer. This is why the customers are happy with Quick Trip and their products, services, gas line, food, and drinks, because of the satisfaction.

The value chain is also crucial to Quick Trip because it supports the business to determine the best set up for success. In the 1990s, Quick Trip invested improving its gas quality, and they started advertising, spending millions of dollars. These promotions were: giving free gas Coupons, floors mats through car dealers, fixing any issues with car problems caused by their poor gasoline to increase customer satisfaction. The company policy has a moto that no customer should be waiting long for service.

Determine the different types of performance measurements that can be used to measure & Quick Trip service-delivery system design:

So, when it comes to performance measurements, there are several you can use to evaluate a company’s service delivery system. One section of the measurements is the balanced scorecard that uses customer views metrics, internal process metrics, financial metrics, customer management metrics, and financial performance metrics.

Quick Trip service delivery system can be measured using any scorecard to research and view all aspects of the performance. Some evaluations may concentrate on product and service excellence, timely delivery, work conditions, and effectiveness of services. The two mainly used were the value chain and the balanced scorecard method. The design includes the layout and location of the facility job designs and the service process. The quick trip system uses the value chain strategy. The value approach can be used in its delivery system. It allows for the system that provides value to customers and visitors in gaining a competitive edge (C. Murray, 2013). Also, a balanced scorecard method is an excellent method of service delivery systems. This approach reveals the view of the customer.

Examine the different types of technologies applied to Quick Trip service operations and evaluate how the technologies strengthen the value chain.

The object of the game for Quick Trip is to have a successful chain of stores and to do it with excellent customer service, fast service, and the best quality products. The company designed its stores to assist customers in locating products quickly. Most of the stores have the same design and the same products. This makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for in the store. They have a unique way to help and check out customers. The staff uses the same cash registers, and they can use them at any time. But they use speed keys to speed up the checkouts; this is an excellent way to run a company.

Quick Trip has a digital app for smartphones and androids; it’s called QT Mobile app that customers can download and access the company’s features with satisfaction. The app allows customers to access detailed information about the store and the elements like updates on gas prices and the menu on the food and drinks. The company uses the internet and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And of course, you can logon to their website. They even have a quick trip credit card. Overall this an excellent company that strives in excellent customer service, and they strive in their employees being happy. That’s a great company in every aspect.


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