Process Modeling vs. Configuration Management

Process Modeling vs. Configuration Management

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Process Modeling vs. Configuration Management


Organizations have turned from be fruitful for a few reasons, however two (2) cases of this achievement are identified with the utilization of Process Modeling and Configuration Management. As indicated through Wiley Information on Project Technology, Supply Chain and Procurement Management, creators Peter W.G. Morris and Jeffrey K, Pinto (2007) clarify which the procedure models are procedures associated with a similar sort that might be arranged together into your model. Using this approach, a procedure show is basically a depiction associated with a procedure with the sort level. Because the procedure demonstrate is at the kind level, a procedure is undoubtedly an instantiation of them (Morris and Pinto, 2007).

Process Modeling

In System Engineering, professional procedure show is basically a procedure that really is assembled in an observable model. The production considering the business procedure model should start offwith a large – level model that attracts inside the administration group (Davenport 1994). Process Modeling generally chooses to the movement relevant to an Enterprise Business Architecture, which prompts Enterprise Architecture. Any connections of corporate forms almost about important information and data frameworks may be that it enables you to help make showing more often capacities in arranging and investigating. The objectives considering the procedure demonstrate must be elucidating, prescriptive and illustrative. However, ITIL practices are merely guidelines to allow people to to comprehend the root processes, while leaving the implementation issues to the practitioners. A great number of issues includes process policies, the responsibilities, technology usage and a lot more as implementation will demand far-reaching changes that affect people, processes, and technology.

Configuration Management

The options to indicate an organization procedure is usually predicated on top of the will need to enhance or change a concern. Design Management programs are then generated to consider the business procedure. Design Management is basically a framework construction process for establishing maintaining up consistency of things, execution, and additionally practical and physical characteristics. Configuration Management establishes that a framework has executed for sure, and is actually recognized and recorded in adequate detail in order to help its anticipated life cycle (Shiau, 2011). Using this idea, it can be protected to believe that design administration could be more relevant within the most stretched out conceivable volume of circumstances (Morris and Pinto, 2007). CM is undoubtedly an integral component of life-cycle management” (ISO 10007 1995). (Stratton, 2011) The quality proceeds to state that: “The main objective of CM would be to document as well as provide full visibility considering the product’s present configuration and upon the performance achievement of their physical and functional requirements. Another objective may be that everyone engaged on this task at any point within its life cycle uses correct and accurate documentation” (ISO 10007 1995). The Institute of Configuration Management states that CM “is the method of managing products and processes throughout the management of documents, records and data” (ICM 1985-1996). (Stratton, 2011). Configuration Management is probably the most important processes in ITIL and actually has been shown to become invaluable to organizations all over the world as they simply want to understand their people, process, and technology problems and also to consider possible solutions. (NumaraSoftware, 2006) Indeed all ITIL processes will obtain infrastructure configuration data. So, incorrect or badly managed configuration data will contribute wrong decisions in problem solving, capacity planning and availability design, leading to lower service levels than agreed with clients, and better service cost. With budgets still stretched within organizations, higher costs aren’t what executive management would like to hear. 


Altogether, Configuration Management can be an accumulation of procedures and devices that advance system consistency, track organize switch and provides cutting-edge arrange documentation and perceivability (Morris and Pinto, 2007). The difficulties going on due to an absence of design administration might be a powerlessness to determine client affect from arrange changes, expanded receptive help issues and lower accessibility (Morris and Pinto, 2007). Toward the off chance which you contemplate the greater part with this, it can be sheltered to state that Configuration Management could apply over an in depth assortment of conditions, when you have contrasted it with process displaying.


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